Know, Like & Trust

There are three important factors that can help you to select a service professional with whom you would like to work:

  1. Know
  2. Like
  3. Trust

…and they all go hand in hand. But how do you get to know someone?

Meeting him in person is one way, or maybe asking others who know him, what he’s all about. Experts have said that you can get to know someone better, and increase the trust factor, if someone is an expert in his field and has proven so by, say, writing a book.
What about public recognition for some accomplishment? Well, we’d like to share with you an accomplishment of the Owner and President of New Wave Fitness, Mr. James “Hut” Allred.

In 2011, Hut was inducted into theĀ  Brownwood Lions – Gordon Wood Hall of Fame for his accomplishments on the football field. So from a very young age, Hut was involved in sports and fitness, and this experience has contributed to his success.


Please watch and enjoy the video presentation of his hall-of-fame induction, with a view to getting to know Hut a little bit better so the other two factors will fall into place.