Inspire CR2 Cross Rower

“It’s like a water rower without the water!”¬†Watch Craig & Hut’s video review:


Hut: This is Hut Allred from New Wave Fitness, here with Craig Lewin from Busy Body and Fitness Headquarters. Craig, we’re getting to the dog days of summer.

Craig: I’m telling you, man, 102 today. It’s like every day, 100-something…

Hut: So this time of year people tend to stay away from maybe running outside or doing their cardio outside. What can we do to go indoors, still get an effective workout…?

Craig: We’re probably the fewest people that aren’t complaining about the summer heat because it drives everybody into the stores. Gets them to come in here and buy some fitness equipment, so we’re excited. But today I wanted to talk about this new piece from Inspire Fitness. It’s unbelievable. It’s called a CR2, it’s an actual rower. I tell you what, the workout that you get on it is incredible. I did 2 minutes on it yesterday and my heart rate was through the roof. I couldn’t believe it. It’s a really, really cool machine.

Hut: That is great. Show us how it works!

Craig: All right, I’m going to get on this puppy and show you. This is pretty cool. what’s really neat about this…they did a really good job, the platform feels really good. You’ve got rubber feet on there that really grip your feet. You were talking earlier about how these are almost like your snow boots, right?08 Aug 2015 Equipment Inspire CR2

Hut: Oh, exactly! When I go boarding, that’s there, right there.

Craig: This has a really, really nice place to put your feet. Then you clamp these down and it just feels incredible, really holds you in place.

Hut: With some other machines you tend to slip around, you’re always adjusting your feet, it’s a pain in the butt.

Craig: It’s a big problem. With this, you’re locked in, which is great. The other things is, there are very easy adjustments. You have underneath here, a front-to-back adjustment, and you have an adjustment back here to stretch out the arms.

Hut: Great, so you have full range of motion.

Craig: Exactly. So let me just show you guys the motion. This is really, really cool. Here is the motion right here, and it feels incredible. I know it looks a little bit like a bucking bronco, but I’m telling you what, it feels unbelievable. The console itself will prompt you…for instance, it will say “push,” so on every rotation I’m going to push my arms. Then it will say “pull,” so on every rotation, then I’m going to pull the arms that way. And I can change the grips on my hands, which is amazing. If I want to do some real bicep work, I can change it up.

Hut: You can get wide.

Craig: Yeah, if I want to get wide through here for my back…

Hut: Or rear delts.

Craig: Or your rear delts as well. Just like that. Change it up, put it up here again. And then obviously right into the inner portion too. The whole idea behind this is for it to give you a great workout but at the same time, not hurt your body in any way. It takes all the impact away because of that motion.

Hut: From a biomechanics standpoint, it’s really putting you in a position where there’s no stress.

Craig: Absolutely.

Hut: It’s not a fixed position; it’s working with your body.

Craig: You’re sitting down in a chair and it’s amazing. I never thought you could get such an incredible workout sitting.

Hut: Which is a good point because a lot of times, when you get on a bike, sometimes it can be challenging to get your heart rate up to that high end, which gives you the longest afterburn. This looks like a machine that’s going to allow you to do that much more efficiently with less stress on the body.

Craig: Absolutely. Here’s how you adjust your resistance. It’s right here at your fingertips. So if I want to go easier, I just turn the dial. If I want to go harder, I can turn it all the way up, and when you crank the resistance up, it gets really hard.

Hut: You’re working. You could do some outbursts, some 30-second outbursts effectively on this machine.

Craig: You could, definitely. It will get your heart rate up. Getting out of it, super easy. You just grab these just like this and it pops right out.

Hut: That’s awesome.

Craig: So they’ve made it really, really simple, which is cool. The other thing is, it’s not big. It doesn’t take up any space, so that’s another amazing thing about the product.

Hut: You can stick this in your bedroom, you can stick it anywhere.

Craig: It’s low-profile, it’s not going to get in the way of your television if you want to watch TV.

Hut: Which a lot of people do.

Craig: Here’s what else is great–it doesn’t weigh a ton, and it’s on wheels. So if i want to wheel it, I just wheel it right out of the way. See you later, Hut!

Hut: Bye!

Craig: Adios! So that’s pretty simple, right?

Hut: That’s cool.

Craig: That’s also a really, really nice feature. So listen, it’s always exciting when people come up with new products, right?

Hut: Well, yeah!

Craig: We count on these clever engineers to come up with stuff that’s new and unique. We worked out on this yesterday and it’s a winner, it’s awesome.

Hut: It’s kind of a water rower without the water.

Craig: That’s exactly what it is. You’re getting that rowing motion. You’re sitting down, it gives you a lot of back support, which is great.

Hut: It’s great. You’re using your core. It’s huge.

Craig: It’s a really nice machine. We are pumped about that, and we have them in all of our Busy Body stores.

Hut: If you want to check out the Inspire CR2, come in to any of the Busy Body stores in the Metroplex. We’ll have the information at the end of this video. Come and go to work and get in shape.

Craig: Check it out. It’s going to be awesome. You can go to or to check it out.

Hut: Perfect. Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. We’ll talk to you next month, and stay cool.

Craig: Woo hoo!

Hut: Thanks, brother.

Craig: You’re welcome. Good to see you.