Hyperice Vyper Recovery Roller

Sore after a workout? Need to relieve muscle tension from sitting at your desk all day at work? Introducing a new level of foam-rolling: The Hyperice Vyper foam roller with vibration. Watch Craig & Hut’s video review:



Hut: This is Hut Allred from New Wave Fitness here with Craig Lewin from Busy Body and Fitness Headquarters.

Craig: Hola, hola.

Hut: How you doing, man?

Craig: I’m good; how are you doing?

Hut: I’m doing great.

Craig: It’s just fun to do another session here. I love these things.

Hut: Yeah, I enjoy these session. I enjoy our time together, Craig.

Craig: It’s good. I think this is good. Plano, Texas. That’s where we’re at today, Plano Busy Body.

Hut: Plano, America.

Craig: Plano, America, yeah.

Hut: We are in the middle.

Craig: Preston Park. It’s definitely one of the busiest intersections in the United States.

Hut: Oh yeah.

Craig: And it’s why this is one of the busiest stores in the United States.

Hut: By far, yes. That’s why we tend to gravitate to this store a lot. So we’ve done foam rollers in the past. We’ve demoed foam rollers. So what makes this foam roller different?

Craig: This is exciting. This is made by a company called Hyperice and the product is absolutely phenomenal. The guys came to us a while back and asked us to start carrying them in the stores and we have, and we are selling a ton of them. So here’s the deal. This particular foam roller has three levels of vibration built in to the foam roller. There it is. See? See?

Hut: Wow! It’s getting away from me.

Craig: Wow, he was getting really excited. This is just to be used, I’d like to clear up, for foam rolling, okay? I’ll tell you, it’s unbelievable when you use this thing. You just plug it in with a regular charger, real easy. But here’s the key thing with the vibration… foam rolling can hurt.

Hut: It can.

Craig: You put your body on there and you really feel it. It gets very intense and painful at times.

Hut: Like that. That could be very painful after you did legs.

Craig: It will hurt for sure, you put that on the front of your quads, glutes or hamstrings. But the vibration takes all the pain out of it. Getting that massage at the same time increases the blood flow and makes a huge difference in what you can handle. You can take that foam roller, put it right on that spot that’s bothering you and all of a sudden you go, “Wow, that’s not near as painful.” It digs in a lot better and gets rid of that lactic acid a lot faster.

Hut: Yeah. So we can actually roll on the machine… machine?

Craig: It is like a machine, it’s a small machine.

Hut: Roll on the roller in the areas where we have discomfort or we just got through training, which will speed up recovery, but you can add the vibration, which you don’t have to put as much pressure on that area, so it’s a little more comfortable going through and rolling out that area, which will improve recovery much quicker.

Craig: When I think about a foam roller, to add the vibration, to me it’s like foam-rolling 100 more times. So instead of you taking that foam roller back and forth in one area, that vibration actually intensifies it to a point where you’ve done the foam-rolling a lot more than you could possibly have time for, and I think that makes a huge difference too. We’ve all been using it and the differences that we’ve seen in such a short amount of time have been huge. The company is amazing, these Hyperice guys, and they’ve come out with a really, really neat product.

Hut: And the vibration, man… this sucker’s powerful. I mean, you can really get into the muscle.

Craig:  It gets really intense. So show them some of the exercises that you would do. You just can’t let it get away from you.

06 June 2015 Equipment HypericeHut: A big one is really for your back, because everybody has a tight back. You turn this sucker on. We can roll in with that vibration and work out those areas that tend to be real tight. Or of you want to get those rear delts, you can work in and hit those rear delts, which a lot of times a big challenge for a lot of folks is (and that sucker is all over the place, look at it) we tend to sit at the desk and we do a lot of this, so our head goes forward and creates less space in our shoulder girdle. When you put this like on that rear-delt area, it loosens that up, which will prevent shoulder pain, neck pain, which is huge. That one movement right there can make a big difference in your comfort level.

Craig: The other day, after I was doing a lot of side lateral raises and I put it literally right in here.

Hut: On your rear delt, yeah.

Craig: It wasn’t really in a spot with a regular foam roller that I could just roll my body back and forth. It was kind of an awkward spot but when I put it there and put the vibration on and kind of dug into the floor with it, that made a huge, huge difference.

Hut: And the thing about this, you can do it in a standing position, so you can hit your chest, glutes… you don’t have to necessarily lay on it to get the benefit.

Craig: And finally, it’s small. I think that’s the other cool thing, you can travel with this. It’s small, it’s easy, you can take it with you wherever you’re going , whether it be at the house or at a hotel if you’re going out of town. Put the charger in there and you’re ready to go. And it will go through security. I took it through security the other day on a trip and it will go through security. They asked what it was. I think they got excited about it but I didn’t have time to do the whole demo with them.

Hut: If you don’t use a foam roller as a part of your daily routine, you are missing out. You have way more tension and discomfort and less mobility as a result of not using a foam roller, so at minimum, get a foam roller. We’ve got a ton of them in here. But if you want to take to the next level, add the Vyper.

Craig: That’s where it’s at, Hyperice, baby.

Hut: If you want to check out the Hyperice Vyper Foam Roller, come in to all the Busy Body stores and Fitness Headquarters stores.

Craig: Yeah, we’ve got them in the Busy Body and Fitness HQ stores.

Hut: We’ll have all of that information at the end of this video. One of our store reps will take care of you, and check it out. We look forward to speaking with you next month.

Craig: Woo hoo!

Hut: Woo hoo!