From Ballet to Boot Camp


Anna: I’m Anna, originally from South Carolina, but have been living here in Irving for two years now. I used to be, in high school up until college, training to be a professional ballet dancer, actually.

So I was on a pre-professional dance track, dancing 6-7 days a week, most of my day, and then I decided to go to college and quit dance flat out, which was really hard. Then once I finished college I wanted to get back into something active but wasn’t quite as strenuous as a professional ballet track.

Hut: So you’re saying boot camp is not as challenging as ballet?

Anna: No! It’s a perfect amount for me. It’s as challenging as I want to make it, but not that challenging that it’s taking my entire life.

Hut: What things did you do between ballet and doing boot camp? Did you try some other things?08 Aug 2015 Client Anna

Anna: A lot of dance video games type things on my own at home. As a college student, money was kind of tight, so paying for a class was not really in my budget at that time.

Something I could do at home really wasn’t working. I would go home and be really lazy, and be like, “Oh, but that’s the TV. I’m just going to watch it,” and not work out.

Hut: So tell me, what type of results have you achieved with boot camp so far?

Anna: I’ve lost some pounds. I’ve lost a lot of inches and just want to keep working at it. I feel better. I have more energy. My job is, I’m walking around a lot so I don’t feel as tired at the end of the day. I’m not coming home and crashing–coming home and taking a nap after walking around all day. I come home and it’s, “Oh, I could do this, I could do that.” More active, more energy.

I thought it would be really hard; it was not. Once I got into the routine and everything, it was really easy. I find myself even on days without boot camp, waking up that early and going, “Why am I awake? Oh, ’cause it’s time for boot camp. Okay, I can go back to sleep.” Even on the weekends, I’m not sleeping until 10 or 11 anymore. I’m waking up at 7:00 and I’m like, “Why am I awake? I wanted to sleep in!”

Hut: Do you feel like you get more done during the day now that you’re waking up earlier?08_Aug_2015_boot-camp-ladies

Anna: I do. I definitely do. I feel like I can do stuff before I leave for work, like get a load of dishes done or anything like that. Then also when I come home from work, again, I have more energy so I can run errands and do stuff like that.

I keep telling Jason, I want to continue, I want to add another month, let’s add another month. I definitely really enjoy it.

I definitely like this better just because I don’t feel the pressure of working out in a gym. I also just like being outdoors. I’m an outdoorsy person so having something that’s not confined to a bright-light gym and is outside… you start off in the dark, by the end it’s daylight, and it’s just really nice to wake up with the sun every morning and be out here with just women.

They’re all really supportive. We all have a lot of fun. If I happen to be sick and miss, when I come back it’s always, “Oh, are you feeling better? How are you doing?” We talk about work stuff. It’s just a nice, good community group to have.