April 2014 Fitness Success Story – Tyler Tech

Tyler Technologies, Inc. of Plano, TX hired New Wave Fitness to provide a resident personal trainer for their new employee fitness facility.

The results have been amazing. Employee morale has improved, people have lost or maintained weight, and the company even ran a “biggest loser” contest to celebrate the grand opening of their fitness center.

Watch their video interview or read all about it below!

tylertech_frontsignJennifer: My name is Jennifer Keltner and I am with Tyler Technologies. I am the executive assistant to the president of the courts and justice division and the chief operating officer.

We provide software for the public sector. In the courts and justice division, that’s primarily for sheriff’s office, courts, district clerk, county clerk.

Any time you get a ticket or something like that, you go pay and in the court it’ll be Odyssey software, which is our courts and justice division software.

Hut: How many employees do you have?

Jennifer: In this division, we have about 375-400. We were growing so much and we had this new building we were building here.

The building used to be the YMCA and we decided to take that building and remodel it and incorporate a fitness center for our staff—something on-site here to give them a perk, give them a way to go during the day to use the fitness center during their work day.

It gives them the opportunity to fit that into their schedule where they wouldn’t have to go to a regular gym. So we put in a gym here with state-of-the-art facilities, a lot of great equipment, and that’s how it started, was with the new building vision here and then getting the facility incorporated into that, the gym.

I think for a lot of our employees, we have a lot of software developers here and they’re people who normally sit behind a computer so they may not even have gone into a gym before. They may not know how to use equipment; they might not know the right workout program, even a nutrition plan.

So at that point, we wanted somebody with the professional experience and the degree who had the knowledge to be able to give them the tools that they needed to get on a program—something that they could go to and go, “Okay, this is what I need to do. This is the plan I need to follow,” and then having the trainer here on site to help them.

I think there’s an intimidation factor that goes along with that. A lot of people don’t want to go into a gym because they might be afraid they don’t know how to use the equipment.

So having New Wave Fitness on site to be able to give them that information, to help them with form and the quality of their workouts and the nutrition tools has been just amazing for our people.

Hut visited Tyler Technologies for a kick-off program when their fitness facility opened.

Hut: At the beginning we started off with a kick-off presentation. Tell me how that went and if that was beneficial to the employees.

Jennifer: I think that it was very beneficial. Again, it was something to show them New Wave Fitness has tools online that they can go to every day, print out, be able to look at it, they know what they’re doing, what they’re working towards. Just being able to have the trainer there to answer any kind of questions has been great.

I know people who, still to this day, go online and they use it. The calculators that you guys have online—all of that is extremely beneficial, especially for those people who don’t really know where to look for that kind of stuff.

So that’s been something that we’ve really, really enjoyed, that we have found to be of a great value to our employees, and just top notch. The service that you have given us has been so helpful.

So to help get kick started towards the beginning of starting the program, we decided to have a “biggest loser” competition, which we got everybody to get a team of two people.

We just made that a six-week goal to motivate them, to get them in the gym, to get them started, to get them using the trainer and all the tools, as a competition to help motivate them to meet their goals.

We had 52 people participate with a really, really great turnout, a lot of people who lost a lot of weight, a lot of body fat in a short period of time. Then we extended that competition over the holidays—over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Those people who maintained their weight or even lost weight were given a prize. It was a great starter for everybody to get in there, learn all the equipment, and then to help motivate them to keep going in the fitness center.

I think that having John the trainer here has helped people even more to get in there, to ask questions, and to use him, so him being here is just another tool for them to even actually get in there.

Because they know they have somebody they can not only confide in about their fitness goals, somebody who can relate, somebody who can help them to meet those goals.

I think that taking you guys away…a lot of people would be upset. I’ve had people who continue to ask me if we’re going to keep you guys here, and that’s something that we are definitely going to do because of the benefits that it has shown.

When we did our original assessments and then our three-month assessments, we’re talking about a huge drop in the total overall body fat percentage and weight loss over the entire company. Why would we want to take that away? We wouldn’t.

For the future, this is what we have, it’s what we want to do, and it’s the perk that we want to give to them to keep them motivated and going. Not only does it help the company with insurance policies and those kind of things, but we’ve got people who are transforming their lives and becoming healthier beings for their children, for their job, for their daily activity.

Employee morale has improved at Tyler Technologies due to the installation of a company fitness center.

Things that before, we didn’t have in place for them and so having you guys be a part of that is just tremendous in the results that we’ve seen and would love to keep that going.

I would definitely say go with New Wave. Do the program. At least try it out. What do you have to lose? The benefits from it is just better overall employee satisfaction, employee morale, employee health and fitness.

Having somebody there to support your employees is one of those things that they can look to and use and be of benefit to them. I can’t imagine this being a success without you guys around.

As the overseer or the coordinator of it all, I couldn’t do this without the support of New Wave Fitness and John, and all the ways that you guys have helped us improve our program as we’ve limped along into this. I would highly recommend you guys to anybody.