Allen In Home Personal Trainer

Allen In Home Personal Trainer Case Study

Every month we are honored to recognize a client who has made the transition to a much healthier and fit lifestyle.

This MONTH we would like to recognize Sherrod & Sandra Waites from Allen Tx. In just 12 short weeks, Sherrod and Sandra lost 53lbs of fat

Allen In Home Personal Trainer Case Study

Question:     Tell me you full name and where you are from?

Sherrod:       Sherrod Waites from Allen TX.

Sandy:          Sandy Waites from Allen TX.    
Question:      Tell us what life was like before you began with Allen In Home Personal Trainer?

Sherrod: I was overweight. I loved to eat. Sandy’s a good cook and I guess I kind of felt like a stuffed sausage. [Laughs]

Sandy: And I was tired of passing windows and mirrors and seeing my reflection. I walked every day and tried to watch my diet, but I didn’t do a very good job.

Question: What did you do before you worked with an Allen In Home Personal Trainer to try to lose weight and get into shape?

Sherrod: Mine would be sporadic. I would try to walk some, but most of mine was just workouts on the weekend, doing honey-do lists and stuff like that. When we started, Curt had us set up levels—where we were, what we weighed and what our objectives were—and I’m very pleased to report that I’m well on the way to achieving mine. I haven’t quite reached it yet, but I’m certainly ahead of the schedule. Allen In Home Personal Trainer

Sandy: I’m very pleased with the results from our Allen In Home Personal Trainer, and I’m down two sizes in my pant size and that’s very thrilling to me, very nice.

Question: Sherrod, how much weight have you lost? Allen In Home Personal Trainer

Sherrod: I’ve actually lost about 34 pounds to date. Allen In Home Personal Trainer

Question: That’s fantastic, in about, would you say, 12 weeks? Allen In Home Personal Trainer

Sherrod: Twelve to thirteen weeks. Exactly. Allen In Home Personal Trainer

Sandy: Our friends have all commented on it. It’s been very, very nice to hear that people have noticed that we’re losing weight. They call us “skinny” now at church and Sunday school and want to meet our Allen In Home Personal Trainer.

Sherrod: People have been very complimentary of us. One guy commented, he said, “You probably are extending your life by getting rid of the fat and getting in better shape with your Allen In Home Personal Trainer.”

Question: What would you say to those that are on the fence when it comes to making a decision and seeking help with their health and fitness from a Allen In Home Personal Trainer?

Sandy: It’s well worth it because we couldn’t do it on our own. We had tried and tried and without this program and Curt, our trainer, we would still be where we were.

Sherrod: I’m going to the doctor to see if I can get off some medications.

Sandy: Yeah, and I’m off one of mine too! I no longer have heartburn.

Allen In Home Personal Trainer