You Are Under Attack!

Every day, you breathe, eat, touch, and share millions of dangerous microbes that infest your surroundings. Unseen and unfelt, these substances still pose an undeniable health threat.

Thankfully, you are not defenseless. Your body’s built-in immune system protects you whenever possible. A complex network, it provides you with multiple layers of defense.

Still, everyday life can challenge immune function. Poor nutrition. Stress. Pollution. Fatigue. What can you do to defend yourself and keep your immune system fit?

shaklee_nutriferonProtect Yourself Every Day

Now there is a way to keep your immune system “ready to respond” every day with NutriFeron®—a powerful breakthrough in immune science.

  • NutriFeron is the only dietary supplement in the U.S. created by the doctor who discovered natural interferon that boosts the production of interferon in the body.*
  • The scientific and medical communities have identified interferon as critical to healthy immune function.

Shield Yourself Every Day

Perhaps you haven’t prepared for impending invaders. Shaklee has. Just two caplets of NutriFeron every day can strengthen your immune system.

NutriFeron will help you build and keep a powerful immune system response by increasing your own interferon so you can better defend against these challenges.*

How NutriFeron Works

  • Increases the production of your body’s natural interferon*
  • Optimizes your natural immune response process at the cellular level*
  • Prepares your immune system to better handle invaders*
  • Preliminary studies suggest that NutriFeron:
    • Rapidly activates immune system defenses*
    • Calls the natural “killer cells” to action*
    • Balances your immune response against environmental irritants and airborne pollutants*

Available ONLY from Shaklee

NutriFeron is not in stores. It is available ONLY through Shaklee. You won’t find it anywhere else. Its unique patented formula is a Shaklee exclusive.

A powerfully effective supplement, it has exceeded a stringent set of scientific tests for safety, purity, potency, and clinical tests for performance.

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