What Could You Gain With Less Pain?

If you were to ask the 50 million people suffering from pain, they would quickly tell you that there is more to be gained with no pain.

Pain, is your body’s warning system, and it can come again and again. Whether it’s because of over- use or activity after long periods of non-use, our joints and muscles experience pain. Our bodies fall victim to arthritis, backaches, muscle strains, sore joints, and the list goes on. All of these interfere with a normal quality of life.

Pain aside, Americans thrive on sports and active recreation and are constantly searching for new ways to challenge their bodies. Nevertheless, when the pain occurs, you want immediate relief by the best means possible, Joint & Muscle Pain Cream is the solution.

shaklee_jointmusclepaincreamShaklee’s Joint & Muscle Pain Cream provides quick penetrating relief from pain caused by arthritis, simple backaches, muscle strains and sprains, bruises, and cramps. It offers fast absorption and deep penetration to soothe aching joints and muscles on contact. Joint & Muscle Pain Cream targets the source of discomfort and provides quick relief.

  • Soothes aching joints and muscle with potent menthol formula.
  • Enables fast absorption.
  • Provides prolonged release action optimizing effectiveness against minor joint and muscle pain.
  • Improves blood circulation in the affected area.

Who will benefit from Joint & Muscle Pain Cream?

  • People with arthritis.
  • People experiencing minor joint pain in their wrist, ankle, knee, elbow, and hip.
  • People who occasionally experience minor back, neck, and shoulder muscle pain. Athletes or people who exercise frequently.
  • People who use a rub before or after their workout or activity.
  • Children over 2 years old to soothe minor sprains, bruises, and cramps.

What’s in Joint & Muscle Pain Cream?

In addition to the effective OTC pain ingredient menthol, Joint & Muscle Pain Cream contains a proprietary blend of natural ingredients. (It’s also now paraben free.)

Scientific evidence in support of ingredients in Joint & Muscle Pain Cream:

  • Menthol is a compound obtained from peppermint oil with local anesthetic and counterirritant qualities.
    – Menthol is readily absorbed by the skin and contained in products used for relief of muscle aches, sprains, and similar conditions.
  • JMPC also contains a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, including sweet almonds and aloe vera

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