Personal Care for Babies

Babies are the most precious gifts in the world and it’s up to us to keep them safe and healthy. There are a lot of things to worry about when it comes to our little ones—what we put on their skin shouldn’t be one of them.

Chemicals such as phthalates, parabens, and sodium lauryl sulfate—ingredients that can be skin irritants or endocrine disruptors—have turned up in shampoos, lotions, and baby washes.

These products also may contain harmful chemical by-products such as formaldehyde, which the EPA classifies as probable carcinogens.

Remember, baby’s skin is five times thinner than yours, making it easier for chemicals to be absorbed.

And, because babies have a greater ratio of skin surface to body weight, they have a harder time flushing chemicals out of their systems.

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Gentle Wash  Clean, fresh baby. This extra gentle wash is naturally formulated to get your baby pip-squeaky clean from head to toe. Sensitivity tested to shower even the most tender skin with love.shaklee_baby_gentle-wash

  • 99% natural
  • 76% organic ingredients
  • Pediatrician tested
  • Organic aloe base
  • Oat extract and olive oil for mild lather
  • Organic lavender to soothe
  • Organic chamomile to calm and relax
  • pH balanced
  • Sensitivity tested & Hypoallergenic

Massage Oil  Loving touch. This ever-so-gentle blend of organic oils is perfect for massaging your baby or moisturizing after bath. With organic sunflower oil, lavender, and chamomile to moisturize and soothe.shaklee_baby_massage-oil

  • 99% natural
  • 99% organic ingredients
  • Pediatrician tested
  • Special blend of organic oils to moisturize
  • Organic lavender & chamomile to soothe
  • Sensitivity tested
  • Hypoallergenic

Soothing Lotion  So soft. Keep sweet cheeks soft and tiny tootsies moisturized with this naturally gentle lotion. It’s a bottle full of even more reasons to cuddle.shaklee_baby_soothing-lotion

  • 99% natural
  • 87% organic ingredients
  • Pediatrician tested
  • Organic aloe, shea butter, sunflower seed oil, and coconut oil to replenish skin nutrients
  • Organic lavender, chamomile, rosemary, and vanilla oils to calm and relax
  • Sensitivity tested & Hypoallergenic

Always Works 

Survey results from adults who used Shakleebaby™ products on their infants/toddlers in a clinical study showed:

  • Gentle Wash: 98% agreed product lathered well and rinsed completely. 96% said product effectively cleaned.
  • Soothing Lotion: 98% agreed product applied easily to the skin. 91% agreed product was non-greasy.
  • Massage Oil:  100% agreed product applied easily to the skin. 96% agreed product worked well.

Always Green

Organic ingredients ● No toxic inks ● Recyclable packaging


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