October 2013 Fitness Success Story

His goal: To one day play in the MLB. He’s on his way…with the help of his personal trainer, David, from New Wave Fitness, Inc., Zack is becoming a better athlete and is improving his skills in baseball.

Getting fit involves so many aspects – including structure and good nutrition. Zack’s father, Eric, also weighs in on how he has seen his son’s athletic abilities improve by working with his personal trainer. Watch their video interview:

Zack Rothert & Eric Rothert from Carrollton, TX

Eric: Zack has played select baseball probably for, what, 8-10 years?

Zack: Since I was 5.

Eric: Yes, so going on 12 years, and got into high school, and the regimen wasn’t real strict. It was kind of the kids working each other out. I’m talking to him, listening to what they’re doing, doesn’t sound like they’re real serious, doesn’t sound like they’re really working.

He’s at an age where he really needs to build his body up, so we put a home gym in and heard about your company, Hut, and reached out to you. We wanted to put some structure around it, really get some flexibility and some strength, and teach him some discipline in the process of getting stronger.

In my opinion, it was core work—working on his core and being disciplined to work out at regular intervals; not a day here, a day there, skip a week—get him into a routine.

Hut: Got it. How did you feel before you started working with us, just from an overall strength, flexibility standpoint?

Zack: I was

more tight, less range of motion. I was more tired too. It’s given me more energy.

Hut: What position do you play?

Zack: Pitcher, first, and third base.

Hut: So that affected you, not being as flexible.

Zack: Yes. I had balls in the hole I couldn’t get to. I couldn’t beat out balls in the hole at shortstop, like I can now. I’d get thrown out from right field sometimes. Now that doesn’t happen.

Hut: Great! So you were definitely running into some roadblocks that were affecting your performance.

Zack: Yes, sir. I’ve gotten faster, shaved a few seconds off my 60. I’ve gotten stronger. I’ve got my max up.

Eric: I’ll tell you what I’ve seen, even from a pitching standpoint. He’d go out there and throw an inning or two and you could see him, just from a body perspective, getting tired, motion wasn’t as fluid. Now he goes 5, 6, sometimes 7 innings and his legs are still strong. He’s still under control when he’s pitching, not falling off the mound, so just more endurance.

Hut: What is it that you want to accomplish long term with baseball?

Zack: I want to play

in the MLB.

Eric: Short-term goal—let’s play in college. I always tell him, MLB is long term; next step is play at the college level.

Hut: And do you feel like the structure that we provided has really helped start laying down the foundation for that?

Zack: Yes, it’s giving me a better chance.

Hut: Great! How does that make you feel?

Zack: A lot better.

Eric: You feel like there’s hope, right? You know, you’re always skeptical, I think, entrusting your kid to somebody else. Working with Hut, New Wave and David really have embraced Zack, and put him through the right workout for him, nurtured him along the way. I hear David out here with him—I’m not out here but I can hear him and he’s pushing Zack, but he’s also encouraging Zack. So I think it’s been good for him and it’s laid a foundation for him to do some workouts on his own as well.

Zack: I know last year I did this in summer, and it carried on into fall, in high school, when I was working out, I did every rep, pushed myself no matter how tired I was. All I could hear was David’s voice in my head, not letting me stop. My coach said that I looked more in shape, I looked bigger and stronger. He said I got faster, I looked more like an athlete.

Eric: It’s made a difference, I think, in Zack’s mental outlook too. Healthy body, healthy mind, much more positive, so it’s been great.

Hut: And nutrition is probably a little bit better than it was when we started.

Eric: Yes!

Hut: I remember that was one of the challenges.

Eric: Not as much Chick-fil-A!

Hut: Yes! Great, great. Well, good luck. You’re going to be successful whatever you do, man, and we look forward to following along in that whole process.

Zack: All right.

Hut: Thanks, guys.

Eric: Thanks, Hut.