New Wave Fitness Provides Personal Trainers in Plano

Plano, TX – New Wave Fitness, Inc. has been sending their personal trainers to Plano residents since 2002. The concept of hiring an in-home personal trainer makes a lot of sense in the fast-paced, busy world we live in.

There is no need to waste valuable time driving back and forth to a crowded gym—a personal trainer will travel to clients at their individual homes and coach them through a fun, effective workout.

personal trainer in Plano
Personal trainer David helps Plano resident Kyle Faegre improve his form.

It’s as if the motivation accompanies the trainer, since the client does not need to find motivation to drive somewhere in busy Plano traffic before or after a tiring day at work. Their personal trainer shows up to their Plano home, rings the doorbell, and their workout is guaranteed every time.

Hut Allred, president and founder of New Wave Fitness, comments, “Our personal trainers are professional, experienced and nationally certified. They follow our tested and guaranteed program that includes exercise and nutrition.

Successful Plano residents have shown that working with a personal trainer from New Wave Fitness brings results. Kyle & Wendy Faegre from Plano lost over 55 pounds of body fat combined and gained muscle by working with their personal trainer.

Kyle says, “I’d recommend New Wave, and I’ve recommended it to some of my friends simply because I’ve seen the results. I’ve seen what having a trainer come to your house with a plan [can do]—it’s teaching you and it’s pushing you. I’m living proof that it can make a difference, and it’s stuff I know I wouldn’t have done on my own.”


New Wave Fitness Provides Personal Trainers in Plano

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