Meet Hut Allred

In October 2012, I hired a professional video crew to come down here to Texas and help me create several new videos featuring star clients – people who are achieving their health & fitness goals.

We have released all but one new video…mine! I wanted to share my story of how I got started in the fitness industry and what still motivates me today.

Please, allow me to introduce myself…

Hut Allred:
Football in Texas is a culture. It’s really all about families and towns and communities getting together for one goal. It was a great experience growing up, a great experience through college.

George Dunham: [Radio Personality, “Dunham & Miller Show”] I remember Hut as a player who splashed on the scene as a freshman. He ran with passion and he ran with “You may think I’m too small to play this game, but I’m still going to take it between two 300-pounders and I’m probably going to break it for 20 yards on you.”

Hut: I had a successful career at the University of North Texas. I was able to be a 4-year starter; I was a team captain. I was nominated for All-Conference in the Big West, which was our conference. I was a Doak Walker nominee. When I finished up there, I was the fourth all-time leading rusher.

Hank Dickenson: [Deputy Athletic Director, University of North Texas] If we look back on some of those ‘90s teams, they didn’t have any real resources to lean upon. They had good coaching and they had a lot of fellowship, and Hut was a leader on those early teams. When we moved back to Division 1 in the late ‘90s it took players like Hut Allred to help lay the foundation for what you see here today.

Hut: I completed what I wanted to in the athletic arena—coaching, playing—so I wanted to use my degree, and the only place I felt that I wanted to give that a shot was in the fitness industry. I started with a few companies and realized pretty quick that I didn’t want to work for anybody else.

I had a vision for what I wanted to do with m y company, how I wanted to grow it, and the best way to do that was to start my own company, and that’s New Wave Fitness, in 2002.

I wanted a business that was organized, systemized and everybody played their role, they played their position. We have trainers that do a great job, they train. We have a trainer supervisor that does his job and makes sure our trainers do a great job.

We have admins, book keepers; we have marketing managers. We have everybody playing their position. And when you have everybody playing their position, you have an efficient company, and that was my vision.

Jason Allred: [Hut’s brother] I’m proud today because you see that he’s grown into a successful business owner and young man that runs a really good, tight-knit company. But too he does a lot on the side that people don’t notice. Hut takes care of his mom & dad and I’m real proud of him today.

Hut: Going into the industry and being a part of the fitness industry was important to me because I was seeing a lot of health issues, not only everybody out there in the community and the world, but in my own family.

My dad started having heart attacks when he was 43 years old, and he would have a heart attack every two years. It was a big obstacle for our family because we were always worried about Dad.

We were always concerned that we were going to lose a guy that led our family. I really wanted to help as many people as possible not to go through that experience.

I wake up every morning and my first thing to do is get my daily victory. And that means take care of myself, start my day with a fitness activity—cardio, strength training, eating right—because that prepares me for the rest of the day, to prepare myself to help grow my business and help our team help as many people as possible achieve their goals.

That’s what fitness is all about; it makes everything else better.