Las Colinas Fitness Program

Las Colinas – Javier had achieved most of his dreams. He got married. He went to college. He attended med school, and he completed his residency. The only thing left to do was lose the weight.

He was skeptical about whether a personal trainer from New Wave Fitness could help him, since nothing else had worked in the past. Once Javier began working out with his trainer, Erick, he was pushed to his limits and beyond, and lost 57 pounds.

Javier lost 57 pounds!

“The other day, for the first time in my life, I was able to run for five minutes in a row,” Javier said, “It’s worth it. It’s better than [weight-loss] surgery.” Now Javier, an emergency medicine physician, has energy to do his job, which involves lots of walking and sometimes running.

He says that if his trainer didn’t come to his house, it would not have worked: “Coming to my house made a big difference.” His work hours were so varied, he was able to call his trainer and have him come on short notice to get a workout in.

Javier’s next goal is to run a 5K and lose another 15 pounds or so. He’s got the foundation now, after working with a personal trainer, to continue on his journey to stay fit and healthy.


Las Colinas Fitness Program

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