June 2014 Fitness Success Story – Cecile

Cecile: I’m Cecile Leatherman from Irving, Texas. I had yo-yo dieted through the years. I was not big on exercise. I had done Diet Center and I was successful in losing the weight but I always went back to eating like I did before and re-gained the weight. Primarily Diet Center; I’ve been on Weight Watchers. I’ve kind of run the gamut of diet programs.

My husband had told me, “If you just exercised you wouldn’t have a problem,” so I started on that adventure and it has really changed my life significantly.

Basically I didn’t have any energy and I had been gaining weight–whatever I ate, I gained. In December I had a medical exam and m y blood sugar was up, not a whole lot but higher than it should be, and I was a little bit afraid of type 2 diabetes.

My daughter-in-law had been in a boot camp in Houston. She talked about it a lot so I was sitting on the couch one night and I thought, “I need to do something,” so I took my phone and looked up “boot camp, Irving, Texas,” and New Wave Fitness came up so I called.

The funny thing–I thought [boot camp] was [held at] 5:30 in the afternoon and I found out it was 5:30 in the morning but I just determined to go. I felt like I had to do something because I felt tired, I felt particularly weak in my knees.

I have almost 5 grandchildren to lift and to play with, so I really just determined that I needed to do something. So I called and signed up, not being sure whether I could really do it. I didn’t know how tough it was or what would be required of me.

I wasn’t skeptical; I thought it would be good for me if I could just perform it. I’d heard about boot camps, like they try to kill you maybe, or that it’s pretty hard. I thought I’ll give it a try and if I can do it, then that’s what I’ll do.

Again, when I first joined, I couldn’t do everything perfectly and as many times as I needed to, but as I continued, I was able to do what they asked me to do.

The first time I went, I felt better every time after that. I could not do everything that was required but Jason was very gracious and encouraged me and helped me, and each time I improved just a little bit. I really got hooked on it and I felt so much better.

Hut: Did you feel like Jason did a good job of modifying movements for you and working with you specifically?

Cecile: Absolutely. He always would say, “Everybody, do this, and CeCe, you do this.” He tailored it for me. He seemed to be able to tell what I could and couldn’t do, so he allowed me to do what I could. I really appreciated that and it made me feel included.

It made me feel like there were some things I could do and it spurred me on. I would practice at home to try to do the things he wouldn’t let me do so that the next time I went, I could do it.

Hut: So doing boot camp and you modifying these movements, you’ve had no injuries, no issues at all?

Cecile: No, not one, other than just feeling better.

Hut: That’s not a bad thing to have.

Cecile: Right!

Hut: Let’s talk about specific results. How much weight have you lost since you started boot camp?

Cecile: I’ve lost 15 pounds.

Hut: Tell me about some of the fitness things that have improved as a result of boot camp.

Cecile: One thing particularly I was concerned about was my balance, first of all, and then my knees. Now, my knees don’t hurt, but I just felt weak in my knees, like climbing stairs I wasn’t as peppy as I used to be, and that has really improved in a major way.

Lifting things, I can do much more than I could before. My arms were particularly weak, just from not doing the motions and I feel a much greater strength in my arms. I can lift my grandchildren without huffing and puffing. So I think general overall strength and well-being. It makes me feel great.

I’ve always been a fairly happy person but I think just the mood it creates when you feel better, you’re just happier and it’s just a great feeling. Just more energy too, to do the things I need to do at home, and just a great sense of well-being. I feel like I’m doing somethnig really good for myself.

I was diagnosed with osteopenia. I do take a blood thinner and that accelerates osteoporosis. I haven’t had a test yet, but I’m anxious to see if the weight lifting and everything has helped that. I just had some issues like that, that I really wanted to work on and see if I could improve them.

I would say do it. It can’t be bad for you. It’s only good! And it’s better  to do that than to have to take medicine and to have to spend your life at the doctor’s office, which I did not want to do. I feel like it’s an investment. I feel like I’m investing in my health so that I can do the things I need to do.

You know, one of the things I found very interesting when I went, not really knowing what to expect, the ladies in my boot camp were so encouraging to me, along with Jason. They just cheered me on. It was just amazing. They were people I did not know, had never seen before, and they just took me in immediately, just cheered me on with what I could do and really helped.

Hut: Great. Well, we greatly appreciate you, we greatly appreciate the courage it took to come out to boot camp. Not a lot of people would make that commitment. I really feel like your story will inspire other people to make that positive change. Like you said, you have a choice–either be proactive  and be healthy and be fit, or go the other route, which is  not fun. We both have seen that happen and that’s not a fun route to go. So I hope you inspire people to make a change and just pick up the phone and take the next step to improve their health and fitness.

Cecile: Absolutely.

Hut: Thank you so much, CeCe.