Hoist PTS Ensemble

Hoist PTS Review

Think of any strength-training exercise…most likely, you can do it on the Hoist PTS Ensemble.

Craig Lewin, of Fitness HQ & Busy Body stores in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, talks to Hut Allred, of New Wave Fitness, about the versatility of the Hoist PTS, and shows how even several people can work out at the same time on this incredible machine.


Watch Craig & Hut’s video review of the Hoist PTS Ensemble:



Hut: This is Hut Allred of New Wave Fitness, here with Craig Lewin of Busy Body and Fitness Headquarters. We’re here in Frisco, America at Fitness Headquarters, Eric Burnworth’s store and we’ve got phones ringing like always. How are you doing today, Craig?

Craig: I’m good, man. How are you?

Hut: I’m doing great.

Craig: Good.

Hut: Doing great. So, tell us, what do we have in store for our viewers today? This is a big piece of machinery you’re about to go over.

Craig: It is. I want to do something a little bit different today. One of the really, really cool machines that really is a staple piece for the Fitness Headquarters stores here in the area is Hoist.

Hoist is a brand of guys who really do awesome stuff out there—top of the line. Their biomechanics are all really good. Their focus is really strength in our industry.

They have a system here, which is called their Hoist PTS Ensemble system, which is incredible. It literally gives you everything you could possibly want. There’s nothing that you couldn’t do as far as an exercise, as far as hitting the muscle groups.

What they’re really known for is this Smith machine bar right here, because most Smith machines, when you have the bar going up and down, are usually in a fixed plane.

What’s incredible about this bar right here (and Eric, if you can kind of just come in here a little bit for us), what you’ll see is that this bar, if I lift it here, it’s on a track. It literally goes back and forth, so you’re having to stabilize it.

Let’s say I get in here and I want to do a squat. As I go down, I’m having to stabilize because the bar moves front to back. Man, talk about hitting another whole set of muscle groups? Unbelievable.

Hut: It creates all that instability you get from not doing it with the Smith machines.

Craig: Right, exactly. What’s great about this, too, is you still have the safety set-up so if you have to drop it down, you can. It’s still very safe. You can get in here and you can do your squatting.

If you want to do your bench-pressing exercises, you can get down here and you can do all your bench—again, do you see how it’s moving? So, I can do all my bench press stuff, I’ve really got to control it.

It follows my natural path of motion, which is great, kind of that seven-degree angle where it goes back. Then when I’m done, I can just take it and, boom, rack it.

Hut: It’s awesome. Great.

Craig: That just feels incredible. They did a great job. The other really cool thing about this system, there’s three weight stacks on there. You’ve got one in the back, one on this side and one on this side.

Hut: So you can have multiple people working on this.

Craig: Multiple people can use it. If you wanted to get on that side right there, and do any pulley exercises, you could at the exact same time that I’m doing it right here.

Hut: So you have all your functional training you can do along with the traditional strength training.

Craig: Well, that’s what’s great about it. You’ve got a bench press that’s in here, which is a flat incline/decline bench that you can do all your exercises, plus this is fully adjustable.

So you can put this wherever you want and then if you want to, you can get in here like if you want to do your flies, you can get in and you can do all your fly action if you wanted to—any of the functional stuff. Or people that are doing their wood chopping exercises—any of those types of things.

Hut: Pull-up bar.

Craig: Yeah, you’ve got pull-ups right here so you can take it… I just wanted to show off that I could do a pull-up. Really cool… lat pull-downs, which is great.

Hut: Then you have a pulley system down here for all of your bent-over rows, rows, bicep curls.

Craig:  What’s cool is you can do a lot of those exercises, too, with that bar. Because it moves so much, it allows you to now get in there and I can do shoulder shrugs with that bar, which sometimes for Smith machines are tough to do.

One of our favorites, I’ll just show you guys right now is that if we take this out just a little bit, and let’s say I want to work out triceps. This is probably one of the coolest exercises on this whole machine.

We know our traditional triceps workout, watch this: I can take this off the bar, come here. You know the skull crushers?

Hut: Yeah.

Craig: Well, I can do it just like this. Check it out. It feels incredible. So, really, really cool what they’ve done.

Hut: Pretty much everything you want to do on a home fitness equipment from a strength-training standpoint, you can do on this machine.

Craig: Everything, yeah. You’ve got it all in there. The weight stacks are very easy to adjust. They even have little five-pound increments that they go in, which is great. There’s just nothing that you couldn’t do on this machine. I mean, It’s really, really cool.

You know, obviously, with these things on the side with your functional training, it’s very easy to adjust them. We could come up with hundreds of different exercises on that thing. I mean, what a system. It’s incredible.

Hut: Like you said earlier, we’ve been training clients on Hoist for 12 years and it’s definitely one of the better pieces of home strength equipment that we’ve worked with.

Craig: If people are looking for something that’s just really good quality, the highest quality you can get, very heavy duty. You’ll go in a lot of the 24-Hour Fitnesses, a lot of the new ones, they have all the Hoist stuff in there.

But this is just an incredible system if somebody wants free weights, but they want the safety of a Smith machine so you don’t have to worry about getting injured, they just hit it out of the park with this machine.

Hut: Great. Well, you can find this piece of equipment at all the Fitness Headquarters stores.

Craig: All the Fitness Headquarters stores will have this piece of equipment on their floor.

Hut: Great, great. We have Fitness Headquarters in Fort Worth…

Craig: We’ve got Fort Worth, we’ve got Dallas, we’ve got our Highland Village area, we’ve got Southlake.

Hut: Lewisville.

Craig: And we’ve got Lewisville, so you’ve got stores—

Hut: And Frisco.

Craig: You’ve got stores all over the place.

Hut: Great, great. If you want to come try that out, come on in. Eric, the manager here at Fitness Headquarters in Frisco will show you how to use this specific piece of equipment. So come on out, take a look at it and all the other equipment we have at Fitness Headquarters and Busy Body.

Craig: Just be careful because Eric likes to do pull-ups. He does a lot of them. I tell you what, if you come in here, he’s going to make you do those, okay? So just remember that. The good news is on this system, there’s actually a way to do weight-assisted pull-ups so maybe he’ll go easy on you and try that.

Hut: Eric’s got a big smile on his face as he videos us.

Craig: Awesome, well thanks, Hut.

Hut: All right. Thanks, Craig.

Craig: All right, buddy.

Hut: All right, buddy. Here you go, Craig. That’s good.

Craig: Was that good form or what?

Hut: That’s great form.