Feel Better This Flu Season

With such busy lives, we always want to feel our best. To do that, we need a healthy immune system. We want to be kind to our bodies by using natural supplements for immune-system support.

Natural Immune Support

Did you know that GINGER contains two natural antibiotics? It can also function internally as an antimicrobial agent.

JAPANESE HONEYSUCKLE is often included in a mixture of 20 different herbs utilized in traditional Chinese medicine. It helps your body to heal naturally and fight off stress and illness.

A tried-and-true “healing” herb from the purple coneflower, ECHINACEA, has been known for years to help white blood cells attack invaders, which increases the activity of immune-system cells.

If you have been a regular reader of our Richly Rewarding Living newsletter, you will remember an article we did on MONK FRUIT, showing its potential to become the next best natural sweetener.


shaklee_vitalizedimmunityConveniently packaged for when you’re on the go, Vitalized Immunity is there when you need it with a refreshing taste you want and the immune support you need!

Vitalized Immunity is naturally sweetened with Monk Fruit, and contains as much vitamin C as 16 oranges.

  • Helps support your immune system*
  • Delicious effervescent formula
  • Provides the nutritional support your immune system needs to stay strong*

With Vitalized Immunity™ everyday immune support, just drop a tablet in your drink for a delicious, sparkling blast of immune support from vitamin C—16 oranges worth!

Plus it contains a proprietary blend of 19 vitamins, minerals and herbs, including zinc, ginger, Japanese honeysuckle, Echinacea, and more.

And it’s sweetened with monk fruit so it’s a more natural choice. The fizzy bubbles and citrus flavor will put a smile on your face while supporting your immune system.



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