August 2014 Fitness Success Story – Peggy & Aubrey


Peggy: I’m Peggy. I was Peggy Jo, born in Castro County, and went to school in Lubbock for nursing. That’s where I met Aubrey, we were married there, and that’s where we moved to Dallas from—from Lubbock.

Hut: Great; and Aubrey, tell me, how long have y’all been together?

Aubrey: It’ll be 60 years in November, so we’ve been together a while, and it’s been mostly great times. A few ups and downs, but mostly ups.

Hut: Great.

Peggy: He just walked; he walked a lot, and about the only thing I did was go up and down stairs a time or two a day, and work around the house.

Aubrey: Well, I guess I was in fair shape. Not really good shape, but I liked to walk. But Peggy had had a broken hip that had a partial replacement in what, ‘07?

Peggy: Somewhere along in there.

Aubrey: And walking wasn’t her thing, so…

Peggy: Well, walking on a sidewalk, it’s too unlevel. I did go to the mall and walk with him some, but I could think of all kinds of reasons not to walk.

I sent him in to Busy Body’s to get a Total Gym. I said, “We’ve got to do something,” and those people in there just laughed at him. They said, “You can’t do the Total Gym. What you need is a Power Plate,” so he came out with a Power Plate.

Aubrey: So we bought a Power Plate. It was primarily for Peggy to get her in good shape without having a lot of pain. So anyway, that’s how we got started.

Peggy: We couldn’t use the Power Plate without knowing how, and so we had to have someone come to teach us how to use it.

Hut: So tell me, as a result of using the Power Plate and having our personal trainers come in your home, what type of results have y’all seen from that?

Peggy: Well, I’m much stronger. I think we’ve built muscle for my leg, and kept it built up, and physically I feel just better, just feel better. It’s been a year this month since he had the stroke and he has made lots of progress.

When he came home from rehab, he couldn’t do much with his left arm. Now he’s lifting weights and he goes to the mall at least three times a week and walks, with his walker, of course. And we have Andy come and do our workout a couple of times a week.

Aubrey: They told me at the time that I was in fairly good physical condition, and if I had not been in fair to good physical condition, I would have suffered more, had worse results than I did. So it’s been, I guess you could say, almost like it’s a life saver for me.

Hut: That’s great.

Peggy: How do you feel?

Aubrey: Well, I feel 84. No, I feel good, I do. I’m sure I feel lots better at 84 than a lot of other 84-year-olds.

Hut: If you didn’t have someone come into your house, do you feel like you wouldn’t see as good results from your overall exercise program?

Peggy: Probably wouldn’t do an exercise program if we didn’t have a date with someone coming to help us. I doubt very much if we would do it.

Aubrey: Yes, I don’t think we would either. We might have good intentions and get started, but if you don’t have somebody that you know is going to be knocking on the door at 9:00, it just doesn’t happen.

I noticed that my stamina’s improving when I walk at the mall. I can just about make one complete turn around the mall, and do it in a reasonable amount of time. So my stamina and the strength are improving, and I think it’s due to the workouts.

Peggy: Well, we are able to go to church now. We’ve gotten back in church and I can handle getting him into the church with his walker, and parking. The grandchildren usually came once a week and so that would happen. They felt like I was their favorite playmate, so I had to go upstairs with them and play.peggy-aubrey

I feel more alert and happier, you know, because we don’t feel down and depressed, and I think the stimulation of the Power Plate is part of that. I think my balance is improved by the Power Plate.

Aubrey: I think you ought to make a phone call and get something started, because as long as you sit there, the worse it’s going to get.

Peggy: I think it’s just important. It’s more important. You don’t worry about the cost so much as the benefits you’re going to receive from it. It’s a necessary thing at this stage in life.

Aubrey: It’s just a lot better to have someone come to the house and do your workouts rather than trying to go to the gym somewhere, and you’ve got no set schedule there, and maybe you just say, “Well, I don’t want to go today,” and you don’t.

Peggy: I think it keeps us a little more cheerful and looking forward to seeing someone to talk to and visit with.

Aubrey: Especially young folks!

Peggy: Yes!