Team for a Lifetime

Mean Green 1994 Conference Champs Reunion

In 1994, the North Texas Mean Green football team from the University of North Texas won the Southland Conference Championship.

Prior to that, a football conference championship hadn’t been won by North Texas since 1983, and wouldn’t be won again until 2001, so being a member of a conference championship-winning team during those years was quite significant.

This year being the 20th anniversary of their accomplishment, the 1994 Mean Green football team was honored at the game in September.

Hut Allred, who was a record-setting running back for the 1994 team, attended the reunion—but it wasn’t the first time in 20 years that he’d seen his teammates.

The 1994 Mean Green football team has met on a regular basis over the past 20 years, keeping in touch and reminiscing about the great times they had in college, playing on that championship-winning team.

Their visits are like a class reunion, except a much smaller, close-knit group. Even though the men from the 1994 North Texas football team have gone their separate ways to grow their own families, careers and memories, they will always have the connection of being on that special team together.
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