January 2014 Fitness Success Story

Roger: Hi, I’m Roger and live in Dallas. I purchased a Power Plate and as part of the package, I got a free training session to learn that. Hut did that for me and also explained the other programs he offered. [I] decided to sign up at that point for a series of in-home training sessions.

When I first bought the Power Plate, this was the beginning of me realizing I had to make some major changes in my life because I was very stressed out at work. My workload has increased tremendously in the last few years and unfortunately, as there was less and less time available to work out, pounds grew, but also I would say my mental well-being suffered as well.

It was harder to manage the stress and workload. I was at the point where I just realized I had to do something to change that and get more in control of my life. So by a combination of really cleaning up my diet and eating better, and eating less but eating more of the right things, regular workout sessions with this program, it really has made it much easier for me to deal with my stress levels and my workload, even though none of that has changed, but I’m in a much better position to deal with that now and still feel good about myself.

I would say the physical benefits have been great, but the mental benefits have been just as good, and maybe even more important for me. The results I’ve had have been great. I had a goal starting out to lose weight, increase my muscle mass, lower my body fat percentage—in general, just feel better. So definitely I’m well along with my results in terms of where I wanted to be, have lost 15 pounds so far of fat, basically, and gained probably 5-7 pounds of muscle.

Kathie: Excellent.

Roger: So I would say I’m really pretty close to my goal weight, when I factor in the muscle gain that I’ve had. Probably will lose about 5 more pounds maybe, but it’s more about shaping and probably more aesthetics at this point. But I feel pretty close to my goal in terms of what I set out to do.

In the past, when I’ve gone on a more intense workout program, I didn’t get these kind of results. I’m doing two training sessions with the trainer a week, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but when they’re good sessions, when you’re getting a lot of benefit in a short amount of time, you get results.

I try and add in as much as I can—at least one more day on my own—so on average, I’m getting three days a week. Again, that may not sound a lot, but if you’re working smart, efficiently, you get a lot of benefit, and I have.

I think the idea that you have to work out every day or you have to work out for hours isn’t really true. It’s about the quality of the workout and are you doing things that really benefit you, in a minimal amount of time. For me, that’s been the case.

I think just the fact that somebody is coming to me…it’s very easy to find an excuse to not go to the gym, but it’s pretty tough to not walk in your own workout room and do a workout. So I think just physically it being close and being here, it’s harder to say no—at least for me that’s working well.

I’ve never been that successful with workouts, even with trainers, at a gym. Even though I may not have as much equipment here, it’s enough to have a good workout and I’m definitely getting better results.

RogerI wasn’t in terrible health, but my overall health is better. My endurance is much better. I notice now when I’m out cycling outside that I’m much stronger and can go a lot longer. And just the fact that I’m able to lift a lot more weight and I’ve got definition in my upper body that I’ve never had before…

And I’m 55. You think at some point, you reach a certain age and you’re just never going to look like someone 30 years younger, but you actually can look a lot better than you’d think. Everybody, I think, needs to give themselves a chance to see what they can become with the right focus and the right effort. They’d be amazed.

Kathie: And you look great. I’m sure friends and family have noticed the change in you?

Roger: Yes. I’ve had friends touch my shoulders and go, “Wow, you’ve been working out!” It’s like, “Yeah, I have.”

Kathie: What a great feeling.

Roger: Yes, it’s a good feeling.

Kathie: You’ve got almost a year under your belt. How does it feel heading into the new year knowing that you’ve already taken control of your health?

Roger: It’s great. It’s not that thing you’ve still got to do; I’m there. Now it’s just a matter of maintaining. Definitely for me, the change in thinking was, this is not a diet, this is not some short-term workout thing; this is a lifestyle change. I have changed my life in terms of bad eating, not working out or not working out consistently enough.

I’ve got a program now that works for me. It’s incorporated into my daily life, so it’s just part of what I do. There is no big thing I have to do. I just have to do what I’m still doing. I look forward to it. It’s not something I dread. For me, it’s now the way I live, so there is no big goal—just to keep doing what I’m doing.

Kathie: Excellent. Well, congratulations to you, Roger. You look great. I’m glad you feel great, and happy new year to you.

Roger: Thanks. Same to you.

Kathie: Thank you.