10 Ways to Beat the Bulge at Social Events

Doesn’t it seem like every social event revolves around food and drink? Any time we humans gather, there’s always yummy food, fancy beverages and mountains of snacks. 

So do you wonder how you can combine fun social events and that great food and still keep your health? Here are some tips to help:

1. Fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables. Easy!

2. Choose meat instead of mayo-based salads. (Whoa, did I just say opt for meat?) Let’s examine the nutritional difference between grilled chicken and potato salad:

a) Boneless, Skinless, Grilled Chicken (3 ounces)
93 calories
1.05 g fat
0 g carbs
19.41 g protein

b) Potato Salad (3 ounces)
123 calories
6.96 g fat
9.51 g carbs
2.28 g protein

Although there is not much difference in calories, there is a significant difference in protein. A higher protein content will help you feel more full, thus eating less.

3. Keep your carbs at a minimum…and healthy. Opt for sweet potatoes instead of white, for instance…or, kale chips instead of potato chips. I know it sounds awful, but once you try the healthy option, you might just find that you prefer sweet potatoes or kale chips.

4. Keep a full bottle of cool, refreshing water with you at all times. The more water you drink, the less you will eat, as water helps you feel more full.

5. Have a small bite to eat before you attend an event. Eat something high in fiber (like an apple) to help you feel full, which will keep you from

6. Don’t skip the dessert table, but do exercise moderation. Just a bite or two of a sweet will satisfy you without adding calories. 

7. You do not have to skip having beer or a fun cocktail, but remember, liquid calories add up fast. It is easy to ignore how many calories you are consuming when you are drinking them instead of eating them. Water with lemon, lime or even cucumber infused will give you a more healthy, yet still tasty option.

8. Plan your time so that you can get in a workout either before or after the event. Cardio will be especially beneficial if you are planning to eat
high-calorie food.

However, if getting in a full workout will be difficult, still make time for yourself. Any exercise is good exercise—a 10-minute, fast-paced walk around a block or two will help. (Think high intensity interval training!)

9. After the feast, you might get a group of friends or relatives together to take a walk. You can catch up, reminisce, or just chat. Aim for a mile or two if possible. It will feel good and definitely aids in your metabolism’s burning efforts.

10. Oh, and one more tip—write down everything you eat. Use an app such as MyFitnessPal to document every single morsel. As you keep track of what you eat, you will be less inclined to overindulge. 

Remember, you can still have fun at any social event. Make healthier choices, eat in moderation, drink a lot of water…and never forget to make time for yourself every day for exercise and your life will be energizing and fun!