Your New Recliner

Did you know… one of the best ways to ease joint pain is to stay active? Finding an activity that minimizes joint discomfort is not so difficult.

For example, Hut Allred from New Wave Fitness and Craig Lewin from Busy Body & Fitness HQ stores in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex review a machine for your home gym that is kind to your joints: the Octane xRide® Seated Elliptical.

Hut: This is Hut Allred with New Wave Fitness, here with Craig Lewin of Busy Body & Fitness HQ. We’re here in Lewisville, Texas.

Craig: Doing it a little different today.

Hut: Changing it up.

Craig: Getting out of Plano, coming to Lewisville.

Hut: All the stores may look the same, but we are in a different location today.

Craig: We decided we wanted to show something a little different today. I think a lot of people don’t know about this category—and that is a seated elliptical. We’re stoked about it. It’s something that’s awesome.

So many people come in looking for a recumbent bike, and what they don’t realize is they can actually get into a seated elliptical, which also has upper-body motion on the machine.

So you’re getting a way better workout, and the amount of calories being burned increases about 33% going just from a regular recumbent bike to a seated elliptical. It’s just an amazing product.

Hut: It’s probably a good product for people who maybe don’t want to jump into a standing elliptical?

Craig: Yes.

Hut: Not as much stress on the body, but seated, easy step-up from a traditional bike.

Craig: Yes, exactly, it’s like that next step. You get on an [traditional] elliptical and you can get a good workout, but sometimes people need to be sitting. They may have some back issues. The one fallacy is that if you’re sitting down, you won’t get a good workout.

People think, “It’s not as weight bearing, so is it really going to get my heart rate up?” Let me tell you something. This seated elliptical will make you cry for your mommy. Let me show you some stuff. It’s very easy.

The first thing that’s simple is getting in and out. It’s got a nice, open area so anybody could just literally get in and sit down. The adjustment is easy on the seat, up and down. It’s got hydraulics built into it, which is incredible. And it even has a tilt adjustment forward and back too. It’s pretty awesome.

Hut: So you can find the right position.

Craig: You can find the sweet spot where it doesn’t put any pressure on your joints whatsoever. The biggest thing is just the smoothness of it. It’s so wicked smooth. You’ve got the upper-body motion here as well, which is really cool. Listen to how quiet it is. Everybody, silence! Wow! Crazy!

Then they take it the next step, and that’s with their programming. Octane Fitness does a great job with that. Their programs actually have personal trainers that are built into it. As an example, do you see here, it says, “Chest press,” and here is says, “Leg press”?

If I hit “Chest press” while I’m working out, it will literally tell me to place my feet on these pegs and now while I’m on the machine, I’m going to pull and push, and the resistance goes way up. I’m literally going to do 10 repetitions. When it’s done, go back to my legs again.

Hut: And it continues to do that periodically throughout the workout.

Octane xRide Seated EllipticalCraig: That’s what’s cool about it. If you activate the “Chest press” feature, or you activate the “Leg press” feature while you’re on there, it’s like a personal trainer that’s going to keep coming on and off, let’s say every minute and a half to two minutes, depending on how you customize it. Really, really cool. They’ve just done an awesome job.

All of this is just to keep you engaged. The most important thing is just the fact that you’ve got a machine that’s comfortable, incredibly smooth. You have upper body and lower body, so you’re hitting a ton more muscle groups. And it just feels great.

Hut: It looks great. Makes me want to just sit down on it…

Craig: And work out!

Hut: Great to watch TV in.

Craig: That’s the other thing—just put it in front of your television and go.

Hut: This could be your recliner.

Craig: I don’t know that there can be any excuses when you’ve got something like this that has a full-body motion and you can adjust the tilt, that’s this comfortable, that’s quiet, that’s smooth. What excuse does somebody come up with to not be able to do this? Nothing.

Hut: Zero.

Craig: And do you know what the most important thing is? Perceived exertion—it’s very low, but the calories you’re burning are very high. I think those two things combined is pretty awesome.

Hut: That’s great. That’s the Octane xRide® and again, you can come in and check it out at the Lewisville location, or any of the locations in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Come check it out and we’ll come to you next month with another product.