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We need to help our bodies to perform their best. Working out and exercising use up our body’s resources like protein and carbohydrates. These elements need to be replenished for optimal recovery, rebuilding lean muscle, and decreased chance of injury.

Sports nutrition used to be a focus exclusive to the weightlifting industry or professional athletics, but now people engaged in all forms of exercise are seeing the value in good, quality products that promote the best possible environment for our bodies to perform at the highest possible level!

Shaklee Physique Pure Recovery Shake: With BIO-BUILD®, a unique blend of protein and carbohydrate sources, has been clinically proven to naturally activate and enhance the body’s recovery process after exercise. The intelligent-release protein blend and unique protein-to-carb ratio:

  • Allows your body to absorb a full spectrum of amino acids over timeshaklee_physique
  • Helps rebuild firm, lean muscles
  • Helps restore muscle energy
  • Supports muscle repair

Physique contains the right amount of protein and carbohydrates to help you recover faster and optimize muscle rebuilding. Natural banana flavor. No artificial flavors, sweeteners or added preservatives.

Shaklee Pure Energy Chews: A clean burst of healthy energy.shaklee_energychews

  • Sustains energy and improves performance*
  • Helps you stay alert and sharpens focus*
  • Each Energy Chew delivers a scientific blend of caffeine from natural green tea extract, plus L-tyrosine, L-theanine, B vitamins, and vitamin D.
  • No artificial flavors, sweeteners or added preservatives you’ll find in other energy products.

Shaklee Performance Pure Hydration Drink: Clinically proven to hydrate better than water. In fact, it has more electrolytes and provides more energy than the leading hydration drink. Our proprietary OPTI-LYTE™ electrolyte blend plus our unique mix of carbohydrates delivers instant and sustained energy and supports optimal hydration.shaklee_performance

  • Minimizes fluid loss for enhanced hydration
  • Maintains blood-glucose levels to sustain intense energy output and to increase stamina
  • Increases endurance for better athletic performance
  • No artificial flavors, sweeteners or added preservatives.
  • Available in natural lemon lime and natural orange flavors.

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