StairMaster StepMill: Home Fitness Equipment Review #08

Craig Lewin from Busy Body & Fitness HQ stores in the Dallas Fort Worth area, along with Hut Allred from New Wave Fitness, Inc. bring us another fact-filled review of this month’s featured machine, the StairMaster StepMill. Affordable, with a small footprint, a perfect addition to your home gym room.

Watch the video and follow along with the transcript below.

Hut Allred:   This is Hut Allred with New Wave Fitness here with Craig Lewin of Busy Body and Fitness HQ. We’re here again for another fitness equ8pment review. It’s the new year, so tell us how it’s going here in the stores.

Craig Lewin:  Things are going great. We’re very fortunate with these specialty stores; things are crankin’. January obviously is a big month for us. Things are going really, really well. Customers are coming in, they’re getting that one-on-one attention that they need, which is great. We’re able to put them into good equipment and send them over to you to show them how to use it, so it’s been pretty awesome.

Hut Allred:  You got it. It works hand in hand. Let’s go over the equipment that we’re going to review today. Tell us a little bit about the step climber here.

Craig Lewin:  I really wanted to talk about it. When I was talking to Hut last night about what we wanted to highlight, we thought about this StepMill. They have come back in a major way, which has been absolutely incredible.

StepMills were very popular for years and I think they got lost in the shuffle a little bit. The only reason they did was because they got so big. People would go, “I really want a StepMill for the house but I can’t do it.” Well, StairMaster was brilliant. They came out with something that’s literally like 3 feet by 3.5 feet.

Hut Allred:  It’s tiny.

Craig Lewin:  It’s really small, and they did a great job. So now there are no excuses. People have been coming in the store, they walk in for something else and they go, “Oh my gosh, a StepMill. Look how small it is. This is incredible.”

Let me get on there and show you what it does if you don’t remember. It’s like an escalator, real easy to do. The machine is very, very simple to use–all the program features. But as you can see, I’m climbing, and I’ll tell you what, if you want an incredible cardio workout, this will do it. Glutes, hamstrings, abs. It really gets you.

You can adjust this thing to go fast or slow, and if you come off the back it stops, which is great too. There’s an emergency feature that stops it.

Hut Allred:  That is great. Talking about burning a ton of calories and not putting a lot of stress on the body, which is great.

Craig Lewin:  I think that’s the big thing–a lot of people think this is hard on your joints. It’s actually not because of the smaller steps you’re taking when you’re on there and the amount of rotation you’re getting. You’ll actually feel that it doesn’t put a lot of pressure on your joints.

Just something that’s very unique, small, kicks your butt, which is great. It’s an awesome workout. You will burn about 25% more calories on this than let’s say if I put you on a treadmill.

Hut Allred:  Yes, because we’re walking up.

Craig Lewin:  It’s a lot harder. We’re excited about it. Also, finally something that is affordable too. This machine right now is on sale for $2,999.00 and StepMills have been $6,000-$7,000. People also have come in and said, “Oh, this is too expensive,” but now it’s very affordable. We’re pumped about it. StairMaster–they killed it on this one.

Hut Allred:  That’s great. Well, that’s the StairMaster StairMill. If you want to come into the stores and check it out, we’re open how long?

Craig Lewin:  Monday through Saturday, 10-7. Sundays, 12-6. We have them in our Busy Body stores and Fitness HQ stores.

Hut Allred:  Great. Y’all come on out take a look, and we look forward to talking to you next month!