September 2011 Fitness Success Story

Congratulations to our September 2011 Client of the Month, Tom DiLiberti from Dallas, TX!

See how Tom improved his fitness & nutrition habits with a personal trainer. Watch Tom’s video interview below, or read the transcript:

New Wave Fitness Success Story – 43

Tom DiLiberti:
I’m Thomas DiLiberti from Dallas, Texas.

New Wave Fitness:
What was your life like before you started training with us?

Tom DiLiberti:
Well, I’ve always been athletic but I’ve never had a trainer before. So I think the biggest issue would be that the workouts wouldn’t have quite the structure that I needed in my life.

What was going on in my workout routine is, I was progressively getting more and more to just cardio workouts, running and biking, and getting into just the same, specific workouts without any variety. So the motivation starts to go down a bit and you only start to work out on certain aspects of your life.

What I’ve found to be a big benefit with this training program is the fact that it’s a complete and total body workout. It gets you exercising in ways that you wouldn’t have done before. It varies, every single training routine, so you’re almost never doing the same thing twice. It really mixes things up and gets you working on your entire body. It gets you out of a workout rut and workout routine.

I think it has done a couple of things: You learn to promote, not just a healthy workout routine, but it’s a whole, healthy lifestyle. The training program really emphasizes more than just working out; it encourages diet and a whole different way of thinking. I think your overall fitness improves. For me, from diet to nutrition [improved]. I’m stronger in every part of my body, but I’m also eating better, feeling better, losing weight, and a lot of other health benefits besides just which muscles are getting stronger.

I would say to somebody that is thinking about getting a trainer and getting some help, that they should think about it, not as just, I need someone to help me figure out which exercise to do or which weight to lift, but to help you promote an entire healthy lifestyle. I think it will really change the way you look at every day when you wake up. In addition to your workout routine, you change a lot of other aspects of your life, which are going to promote health and fitness, and make you feel better.

New Wave Fitness:
Great, Tom. We really appreciate you spending your time with us and sharing your story. Thank you very much.