Octane Q35x Elliptical Review

Try the Octane Q35x Elliptical at any of the DFW Busy Body locations. Tell them Hut sent you!

Watch as Craig & Hut show some of the great features of the Octane Q35x in this month’s video:


Hut: This is Hut Allred from New Wave Fitness, and I’m here with Mr. Craig Lewin from Busy Body and Fitness Headquarters, and it is 2016, buddy.

Craig: Unbelievable, man. I can’t believe it. It’s January 2016. Last year absolutely flew by. I’m excited about this year though. It’s going to be an amazing year.

Hut: It’s going to be a good one. How long have we been doing this, man?

Craig: A long time, a long time. Time has really flown by. I just hope people who are watching don’t feel like I am aging at all.

Hut: I think the way the camera is set up…

Craig: Yeah, it looks like I’m getting younger.

Hut: I think we look better.

Craig: Okay, good. Just want to make sure. You guys comment if there’s an issue with that; I’ll work on it.

Hut: So we’ve done the Octane in the past, the elliptical, but you wanted to talk about this because you’re running a special, you just did a segment on Good Morning Texas.

Craig: Yeah, we just did Good Morning Texas. We have a Q35 on there from Octane. What I wanted to talk about is just the fact that people don’t know sometimes where to go to look for good equipment.

People need a place to be able to go where they know they’re going to get good equipment. We have that at Busy Body and Fitness HQ, but the reason I want to talk specifically about this Octane is because of the fact that it is their entry level model, but it is still so far superior to anything that’s out there, really, in the industry in this price category.

That’s why I wanted to talk about it, so that way people don’t feel like, “If I only spend $1,500 on something, am I going to get something that’s rickety and doesn’t feel good and the biomechanics aren’t there?”

Hut: Exactly.

Craig: The answer is yes, you really will at that price category. This is a $2,200 machine but we have it on special right now for $1,699*, which is an amazing deal, $500 off.

So now you get back into that price point that you’re a little more comfortable with, but you’re getting a machine that is fantastic. It is solid. It’s got a really nice, easy step-up height. Go through the rotation nice and easy, it’s incredibly smooth.01 Jan 2016 Octane Hut-Craig

Hut: It’s quiet.

Craig: It’s quiet. You have upper-body motion going as well, which is fantastic. You can grab here, squat down. The machine will literally prompt you to squat, go backwards, push your arms, pull your arms–and all of that is amazing.

But the biggest thing that Octane focuses on is the biomechanics and the fact that there is no impact. That’s what’s important. You don’t hurt your joints–that’s what’s really great about this machine.

Hut: And this machine will last forever.

Craig: You know, you get this machine, you’re going to have it a really, really long time, there’s no question. And these guys really stand behind their product. With as many Octanes as we sell, we don’t service them very much at all, which is fantastic.

But here’s the most important thing–that is, if we do need something, if we do have a service call, Octane is one of the best companies we’ve ever dealt with. They’re there for you, the service is there, boom, they ship the part out, we get the work done. That’s not the case with a lot of the cheaper brands.

Hut: No, not at all, and they can always call this store if they ever have issues and delegate that whole process to us.

Craig: They can. Absolutely. We’ll deal with it from start to finish. But I just think about all the machines that are out there. We do what customers do, just on a grander scale. We go to our trade shows, we have a look at all of the brands that are out there in the industry.

We’ve got all of the vendors coming to us, because they know we own the stores in Dallas, saying, “Hey, mine’s the best,” “No, mine’s the best,” “No, come on, carry me.”

We get on them just like a customer does and say, “How does it feel? How are the biomechanics? Is it smooth? Is it quiet?”–all of the things that you would look for. We hand pick the products at the different price categories for the stores.

Hut: That’s a good point. I don’t think we’ve ever brought that up in all the years that we’ve done videos.

Craig: We wanted to change it up for 2016.

Hut: That’s pretty good, how you go through that process.

Craig: Yeah, but it is true–that’s what we do. I mean, we’re not just carrying stuff to carry stuff; we’re carrying the things that we feel are going to be the best for our customers. So they can come in here and go, “You know what? I know that that product is going to feel good.”

Then they can get on it, we can take them through the process a little bit. Obviously they have an expert helping them in the stores, which is great. We’re always here to help you guys. But I can’t say enough about this Octane Q35.

At $2,199 it was one of our hottest sellers all year last year. Right now it’s $1,699* as a New Year’s special. Just so you guys know, this YouTube video will probably be out there for a long time, but that special will only be going on through January 2016.

Hut: Through January 2016, so get in here now.

Craig: Yeah, exactly.

Hut: Of course we’ll take a look at the interface here. It’s pretty simple, which is great, and navigating through this machine and choosing program options, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to do that.

Craig: The big thing is, just get on and go! Like I said before, easy step-up height, boom, you’re on it and just go. Just do your thing. Get in your 20 minutes and go on to doing all your other stuff. You’re done.

Hut: Awesome. Well, that’s great, man. Again, we’ll post all of the information on how to get in touch with Busy Body and Fitness Headquarters at the end of this video. Come on into the stores; we’d love to have you, and of course if you purchase any of this, you’re eligible to have us come out and show you how to use it most efficiently and get the best results.

Craig: That’s awesome.

Hut: All right, brother.

Craig: Thanks, Hut. It’s going to be a fun year.

Hut: Yeah, great year. Thanks, guys.

*Special pricing valid January 2016 only. Inquire at the store about any current promotions.