July 2012 Fitness Success Story

A doctor’s advice about working out with a personal trainer!

Dr. Kathryn White:
I’m Dr. Kathryn White. I own Azure Med Spa in Frisco, Texas.

In the past year and a half, I’ve lost over 40 pounds. I had a weight-loss program that I offer to my patients, and so I did that myself, so I had already lost quite a bit of weight, but I wanted to try to lose a little bit more weight and get in better shape physically as well. I knew that the exercise is important to maintaining my weight loss.

I’ve noticed my strength is significantly better than it was before. My body is a little more toned. I’m starting to see some definition in my arms, which I haven’t seen in years. And there’s a little more definition in my legs as well, so just getting a little bit better toned.

This weekend, I went water skiing for the first time in over a year and I was able to get up on the first try, so that was real gratifying to me to be able to do that. I also found my endurance was better and I was able to ski longer than I previously had before.

New Wave Fitness:
Great! Good. I bet you’re really excited about that because I know you’ve been looking forward to getting up on those skis.

Dr. Kathryn White:
Yes. Two years ago, I couldn’t water ski at all.

New Wave Fitness:
Great! Good. So that’s a pretty good accomplishment.

Dr. Kathryn White:
My nutrition hasn’t changed significantly because I’d already been doing the weight-loss program for over a year before I added New Wave Fitness in. But I have, I guess, learned a little bit more about the importance of protein and protein supplementation after a workout to help me build muscle mass, so I think I’m more cognizant and more aware of that.

I think it’s really been a benefit to me. I mean, obviously we all know we should exercise and that’s an important part of maintaining weight, but a lot of times the reality of doing it consistently is difficult. You get busy and don’t tend to sometimes discipline yourself to do it regularly, so one of the benefits for me was knowing that I had this appointment, knowing that I had to show up to this appointment, and that’s made me a little bit more accountable.

I think it’s also good for someone else to push you a little bit beyond your own limits of what you think you can do, because I don’t think we tend to push ourselves as hard, so it’s good to have someone that can push you. Also, on the other hand, they would be sure you’re doing your exercises appropriately so you don’t hurt yourself.

See Dr. White’s video interview: