Inspire Functional Trainer Does It All

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Small footprint? Check.
100-plus Exercises? Check.
Functional? Check.
Quiet? Check. Surprised at this one? You can work out while everyone else in the house is sleeping.

Watch Craig & Hut’s video review of the Inspire Functional Trainer:

Hut: This is Hut Allred of New Wave Fitness, here with Craig Lewin of Busy Body and Fitness HQ. We are actually here in Dallas at our Arapaho Busy Body, a different location.

Craig: Trying to spice it up a little bit.

Hut: If you go down Preston, you will see about every Busy Body and Fitness HQ location in this company–a lot of locations, which is great.

Craig: Yes, we’ve always liked Preston Road, that’s for sure.

Hut: It’s a good spot. So tell me about the gym that we want to show our viewers today.

Craig: Earlier we were discussing muscle strengthening and cardio. We talked about the fact that muscle strengthening is really important. If people want to reach their goals quicker, then we’ve got to try to incorporate muscle strengthening. The hard thing, I think, though is that sometimes people just don’t have the space in the house. They go, “I have space for a treadmill or an elliptical or a bike but gees, I’m not going to put in a whole gym.” Inspire knew that and really has hit the nail on the head with the most compact functional trainer that’s out there, number one, and number two, it’s become the number-one selling home gym in the United States.

Hut: The number-one selling? Wow.

Craig: There are a lot of home gyms out there so that’s a really big deal.

Hut: Why do you think this machine is the leading seller out there?

Craig: I think the two biggest things are, number one, space–you don’t need a lot of space, which is great. This thing from front to back is only like 3.5 feet. It’s very small. The other thing is functionality. It is so easy to adjust it to go from one exercise to the next.

Hut: In the past, there have been gyms out there that are very inefficient. It takes you almost as long to get into the movement as it does to do the movement. This machine allows you to get to the movement much more efficiently and faster, which means an efficient workout, not as much time so you get in, get out and move on with your day.

Craig: Absolutely. We don’t always have the most time in the world, we know that. It gets frustrating when you have to make a lot of adjustments that are difficult to do. This is very, very easy to make the adjustments, which is great, and it’s very smooth and quiet.

Hut: Take us through a few exercises.

Craig: Let me show you a couple things that are really cool. Something that’s really popular for us obviously is just our regular chest press. Very, very easy, you can take these right here, you can adjust the weight to wherever you want. The weight is very easy to adjust with this little pull-pin on the side. You’ve got a weight stack on each side, which is really cool.

Hut: You could have two people at a time…

Craig: Yes, you can have two people working out at the same time. But what’s great about this is I can go from a chest press…and it’s amazing, every time I do this, honestly, I think in my head, “Gosh, this thing is so smooth!” It is; it’s the most fluid thing I think I’ve ever felt when it comes to the cables.06_June_14_InspireFunTrnr

Hut: It doesn’t make any noise so your wife could be laying in bed next to you while you’re working out.

Craig: While you’re working out! So I can do a chest press there. I can turn around. I’m sorry to face my back to the camera, but if you look here, just like that…

Hut: You can go to your rear delts.

Craig: Really easy. I can take these down here. If you’ll notice how easy that is to adjust, it didn’t take a whole lot of work, and now I can stand here and do some shoulder shrugs. I can do some bicep curls. I could do some shoulder presses. I could come in here and do some lunges. I can go here and do some squats. I could do a squat into a shoulder. It allows me to do a lot of different exercises and very e4asily, very smooth.

Hut: And if you want to do movements from a seated position, you can add your stability ball, your bench…

Craig: You can do that too, yes. Do a stability ball here and let’s say I want to do similar type exercises we just did standing up, here’s my shoulder press. What if I want to do a bench press? I can lay down–look at this! I can do a bench press, flys, bring my arms out.

Hut: Very efficient.

Craig: Really easy.

Hut: Of course going into your back, you can go into your back pull-down movements by just raising it, or you can do cable rotations. You can hit all of those movements that really, you have to have multiple pieces of equipment to be able to do that.

Craig: I think that’s the key you just hit, it’s that we’re able to hit every single muscle group on this and you don’t need six, seven different pieces scattered out in your room. You’ve got one piece of equipment that lets you do all the exercises.

Hut: It allows you do to movements from a standing position, which is more functional and it’s the way we want to get to train our body because we don’t move sitting down, we move standing up, so if we can do movements from a standing position, it’s just going to allow us to move better out there in the world, which is what we want to be able to do.

Craig: They did it with this. I think it’s awesome, it’s a small piece, it’s compact, easy to use. If you get confused as to what exercises to do, you’ve got a book right here. It tells you how to line it up, where to do the exercises. We’ve just literally scratched the surface. There’s over 100 different exercises I could take you through; we just don’t have three hours to go through all the different ones, but there is a ton of stuff. If people want to see more exercises,¬† they can come in the store, come in the Busy Body store, get on the machine, let us take you through it and show you all the stuff you can do. It’s really amazing.

Hut: Then if they invest in the machine, we go out and show you not only how to use the machine, but how to connect the dots to all the other components of your program so that you can achieve maximum results in minimum time.

Craig: I sold one of these at our Highland Park store the other day and I think what’s great about you guys is you are able to go out and really show the customer exactly what to do. I had the customer buy it, I went through a lot of exercises with him, but he came back to me recently and said, “Man, these guys at New Wave Fitness now showed me how to do this, this…” He started showing me exercises that I had forgotten you could even do on the machine that incorporated a Bosu ball and some other stuff. So just be careful with this–when you get New Wave Fitness involved they’re going to kick your butt.

Hut: Yes, we’ll take you to the next level. Before we go, show me your favorite exercise. I like watching Craig work out.

Craig: One of the hardest things to do, we all know, is doing pull-ups. What’s great about this machine is that you’re able to do your pull-ups in a fashion that anybody and everybody can do it. There are some people out there who can do a regular pull-up with their own body weight–good for you, that’s very impressive. However there are a lot of people too who can’t and you’ve got to build up. Watch this. All we have to do is take this, drop it down. I’m just going to stick my knee in here. It just makes it easy for me. You could stand on it. I’m going to do one knee and now I can do assisted pull-ups, or if I wanted to go wide grip, boom.

Hut: So many people can’t do that movement and when you add that, it allows you to work to where you can actually do pull-ups with your body weight.

Craig: You do a lot assisted, then half assisted, then a little assisted and next thing you know, you’re doing¬† it with your own body weight. It’s genius. Exercises like that, when you’re doing pull-ups, that’s a big deal. There’s one more real quick–push-ups. It’s the same type of thing.

Hut: Which is one of the most functional movements you can do.

Craig: And again, not everybody can do it.

Hut: Exactly.

Craig: Now, guess what? I’m just going to take this, lay it right in front of me. You probably can’t see me anymore, I’m out of the picture, I bet, but I’m able to do a push-up real easily.

Hut: For women that usually don’t have as much upper-body strength, they can start working on their push-ups from the proper position rather than improper.

Craig: Absolutely. I love it. I just think there are a lot of cool exercises.

Hut: Great machine. Small footprint. You’re able to do any and every exercise out there to raise your core metabolism, reshape your body, take stress out of joints and ligaments. I think it’s a no-brainer if you’re looking for in-home equipment.

Craig: Yes, and their pricing is really good on this stuff too.

Hut: Real good.

Craig: Come in, we’ll work with you on everything and get you taken care of.

Hut: Good. If you want to check out the Inspire, come in to any Busy Body location in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and we’d love to help and assist and be there for you and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Craig: Awesome. Good to see you, bud.

Hut: Always good to see you. Later.