Hut & Craig: Fitness Equipment 101 – What Are Your Goals?

When you are looking to buy a piece of fitness equipment for your home or office fitness room, it’s important to have your personal health & fitness goals in mind…or better yet, written down on paper.  

What Are Your Goals?

Watch this video to learn Craig & Hut’s answer:

Hut: This is Hut Allred from New Wave Fitness here with Craig Lewin from Busy Body and Fitness Headquarters. We’re here with another Fitness Equipment 101 tip. I think this tip, I know a little bit about.

Craig: Yes! This was right up your alley.

Hut: You got it! Before you go out and buy a piece of fitness equipment, how important is it for you to get clear about your goals?

Craig: I think that is the best tip we can give in this entire series–really getting your head wrapped around what is it you’re trying to accomplish. It’s easy to say, “I just overall want to be healthy,” right? I think diving in a little bit more and saying, “What is it specifically?” Is it that you want to get more energy? Is your energy too low? Are we trying to work on that?

Is it that we’re just trying to lose weight? Are there cardiovascular things we’re trying to do? Are we trying to train for a hike we’re going to do? It’s so important that we figure out the goals of our clients. When you come in, we’re going to ask you that question because the only way we can really, passionately, direct somebody to that right piece of equipment is if they’re open with us and say, “Look, this is what I’m trying to do.”

Hut: Yes, so you want to get real specific about those goals. Not only get specific about the goals but really find that motivation and why it’s important. When you get into that reason why, then it all becomes clear about why you’re doing it. I think that helps.

Craig: You’ve said to me many times, with certain people you talk to, that unless the person has a certain goal in mind, and unless they’re motivated, a lot of times you are very upfront with them in saying, “Hey, this just isn’t the right time yet for you guys,” right? We’ve talked about that.

Hut: Yes, absolutely. It’s work. When it comes to getting healthy and fit, you have to work on creating lifestyle habits. If you’re not ready to do that, you’re just not ready to do that. People are always in that process. When is it time for me to really take hold of this?

You have to be clear about that, specifically when you come in and buy equipment. That’s where it starts. What’s my goal? Why is it important? How can we get in the right equipment to get me launched into that new journey?

Craig: I think about me, for instance, my goal is to have massive pecs.

Hut: Yes, huge pecs.

Craig: All jokes aside, for me, honestly, it’s a mental thing. My goal is to just be mentally as fit as I can be. July 2nd I’ll turn 40 and I want to mentally be the fittest I’ve been. For me, I know through working out I can feel that way. Different people have different goals. We just feel like if you will just sit down, you and a piece of paper, and jot down what it is you’re feeling and what you’re trying to accomplish…

If it’s just, “I want to lose some weight,” great. It doesn’t have to be life changing. What are your goals, deep down, in your gut, so we can really help you?

Hut:     Yes. Get it on paper, map it out, get very specific and take that piece of paper and come into one of these stores and show it to one of the store reps.

Craig: That’s a great idea. Come into Busy Body or Fitness Headquarters, show us what your goals are, let us really direct you into the right piece of equipment. Let us help educate you guys on what you need. At the end of the day, we’ll get you into that piece of equipment. If you happen to live here locally in Dallas, too, New Wave Fitness is amazing.

We can get them hooked up with you and really try to help to reach those goals. It’s exciting for us. We see a lot of people reach their goals every day and that’s fantastic. Helping people feels good, obviously. We know we have a business to run here too. We were just about to do this segment here at the Frisco store and one of our employees said, “I just got the most incredible phone call.”

We said, “What is that?” He said, “A gentleman just called me who is excessively overweight and he’s excited about changing his life. He had a heart attack back in June.” What I love is the fact that our employee genuinely got excited about the fact that he’s going to help somebody. At the end of the day, that’s why we’re in this business.

Hut:     Yes.

Craig: We can sell anything we want to sell. It’s really fun to be in the fitness industry.

Hut:     We’re helping people choose the right path and that’s the path of health and fitness and not the path of sickness and that’s the world we live in. I hope that tip helps. This applies to any and everything you do in life. This isn’t something new. Set specific goals, identify your motivation. If you’re looking for a piece of equipment, come into Fitness Headquarters or a Busy Body store and find the best piece of equipment for you and your goals.

Craig: Sounds good.