How to Keep Your Immune System Strong

A key to maintaining your weight is keeping your immune system strong so you can move around and do the things you need to do. 

Here are some reasons a strong immune system is important for body fat loss:

1. When people are always getting colds, always getting sick, the result is, they’re always tired. Those sicknesses drain your energy. Because you’re expending less energy per day, you can’t exercise or play sports—which helps you stay active.

2. If you get sick one week out of every month, which is very common, 25% of the year you’re not doing anything. In as little as 10 to 14 days, muscle strength, stamina, and flexibility can decline quickly. That’s a huge problem already.

3. In actuality, it is your immune system that’s helping you recover from exercise. It’s your immune system’s job to help your muscles heal and get you back in it. It plays a pivotal role in your ability to get results.

4. When your immune system is weakened, that results in an inability to process food properly and that results in weight gain. Difficulty breaking down fat cells for energy is also a symptom of impaired immune function.

An overworked liver has trouble creating bile to break down these fats and convert them into energy. So keep your immune system working at its most optimal level, wash your hands, and do your best to stay away from those nasty bugs. Your body will love you for it. If you need guidance or direction on how to boost your immune system, please contact us here!