December 2014 Fitness Success Story – Billie

Billie: My  name is Billie. I’m from Double Oak, Texas, and I grew up outside of Wichita, Kansas. Life before boot camp, from an exercise standpoint, was anything on my own. I never had a personal trainer. I did some group fitness, but mostly it was at the gym doing either classes or free weights.

After I got there the first day and I found out there was running involved, that kind of scared me a little bit because I’ve never been a runner, but I am now.

Jason is very good about modifying for anyone. For me, if I walked a little bit that was no problem. He didn’t discourage me for doing that; he encouraged me to just do it at my pace and set my own goals.

The results have been wonderful. There was a time in the beginning, I lost probably about 10 pounds overall but I’ve probably put a little bit of that back on. The muscle tone and overall fitness has really not made that a big deal—to put that weight back on.

Fitness achievements—I ran a 5K. I participated in the Dallas Marathon Relay a couple years ago and we’re actually going to do that again this year. Most recently I did a triathlon sprint, which is a 350-meter swim, a 12-mile bike and a 3-mile run. It was awesome.

Hut: Did you ever think that you would accomplish that before boot camp?

Billie: I would have never dreamed of doing a triathlon before boot camp. Boot camp has helped me in making new friends and that has actually helped my exercise program—getting out and cycling with other people.

12-Dec-2014-Client-BillieAnd a lot of the camaraderie that we find at boot camp, 5:00 in the morning and we’re laughing at the park. It might be freezing cold. It might be sleeting and you have to tell Jason, “Hey, it’s sleeting!” “Oh. Let’s go have coffee.” But overall it’s just been a lot of fun.

Hut: Great. So do you feel like boot camp is something you could do a year from now, two years from now? Do you feel like it’s something that’s a part of your life?

Billie: I do. I hope so. I will continue it as long as I am physically able to. I would encourage anyone to try it. Especially in our group, like I said, Jason is very encouraging. We have a different variety of people. We have an older person that works out with us and Jason does very well to modify for her.

He modified for me in the beginning. I had a medical condition that had him helping me to modify to what I could do at doctor’s instructions, and we have just grown from there.

It’s wonderful to find that one-on-one but yet in a group setting to where nobody discourages you; everybody encourages each other and that helps a lot. It’ll be great fun—come to boot camp.