December 2013 Fitness Success Story

My name is Kendall Whitman and I’m from Dallas, Texas. I’ve lost 15 pounds in total. I went from 225 to 210 and I put on quite a few pounds of muscle.Before, I didn’t really have a diet or a workout regimen and now I have both. (Continue reading, and follow along with Kendall’s video interview below!)

When I started with New Wave Fitness, I was doing 5 minutes of cardio; now I can do a half hour without breaking—so just a lot of improvements, endurance, that kind of thing.

Around 2:00 you start to get tired and everything. Before I started, that would happen all the time, hard to get up, get out of bed, hard to go to sleep. Now, you just [can] tell, once you start training, the energy doubles and you have more energy to do everything.

My day job is being at a desk all day, so a lot of sedentary time being on a computer. Now after work I can go out and jog or play basketball, or whatever I feel like doing that day.

They’re very personalized to each individual circumstance. So you’ll have a completely different training program for someone that’s 25 than what you would in your 40s or 50s.

Every training session, we had feedback where it was, “Okay, this worked really well, this didn’t work well, I need to improve on this.” Or, “You’re really good at this, so try this, which is a little bit more of a challenge.”

When I was searching for a personal trainer, I saw a lot of personal trainers, but you were going out to a big gym or…maybe not a big gym, but just someplace that there were a ton of other people, maybe not all of the equipment was available when you needed it to be.

BA_Kendall_2013New Wave was the only one that I found [where] the trainers are coming to you. They’re coming to your home, your apartment, whatever it may be, and working out with you there, instead of having to deal with other people.

You get to meet your trainer; you’re not dealing with a different trainer every day, every week, things like that. So you start to build a relationship and that definitely helps with finding that balance of what works best for you.

I could always go out and train by myself, but it’s the trainer that pushes you further and makes you see better results than you might on your own.