May 2013 Fitness Success Story

“I’ve had really good results. I’ve lost about 10 pounds and a dress size and inches.”


Shawyntee: My name is Shawyntee Vertilus and I’m from New York City and now I live in Irving, Texas.

Prior to working with New Wave Fitness, my routine was all over the place. I would try different programs, home-based programs, usually DVDs for a period of time and then get bored with them and stop. I did a little bit of kettlebell, worked out in the gym and then get bored and stop. My routine was never consistent.

I would go through different exercise routines. Sometimes I would complete them, sometimes not, but I feel like my endurance wasn’t really built as much as I’d like. My cardiovascular endurance as well as just my strength wasn’t where I wanted it to be or I knew it could be.

Anyone who can motivate me to get up at 5:30 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, it has to be a good thing. Jason is a fantastic guy, period, and a great leader in terms of organizing our bootcamp. He makes it fun. The women are great and we all motivate each other to do things outside of the bootcamp like run different races, which I had never even thought of prior to joining the bootcamp.

It’s kind of interesting. I ran a 5K. We did it as a group. We’re doing another one in a couple weeks. It’s been great. I really enjoy not only the fitness aspect but also the camaraderie. It definitely motivates me because I know there is going to be a core group of who he calls “The Wolf Pack” there every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I know that I need to be there or let him know why I’m not there.

The group is there so you want to make sure that you’re meeting up with them and you’re falling into place because I feel like the days I miss I’m like, “Oh gosh, what am I doing? I’m missing out. I’m going to fall behind.” You want to keep up with the group.

Hut: Tell us the motivation behind why you joined bootcamp.

Shawyntee: I’m getting married so I’m very excited about that. My wedding is on June 8th in Ashville, North Carolina. I needed to prepare for that dress. I had to get ready. I had to get dress ready. I knew I needed a very organized plan. I’m a pretty disciplined person when it’s put in front of me with the right tools. I needed exactly what I got, which was bootcamp.

Shawyntee_MayI’ve had really good results. I’ve lost about 10 pounds and a dress size and inches. I’m not sure exactly how many but certainly a lot. I feel like I’ve overall gained more muscle and I’m very toned more so than I was before. I had my shower recently in New York City and my family and friends were amazed. They said, “What are you doing? We need to do that. Whatever you’re doing, we need to do it too.”

I said, “You need to come to bootcamp but it’s all the way in Texas,” and most of them live in New York. I have received a lot of positive feedback. I tell Jason almost every week about some of the comments I’ve gotten from people. Especially if they haven’t seen me in four to six weeks, it’s very noticeable to them. It’s great. It’s great feeling to work hard and then see the results.

I would say absolutely that you will have better results if you do it with a bootcamp or trainer. I consider myself a pretty disciplined person in life and in exercise but I’ve gotten that extra motivation from being in the camp and also just being around other people motivates you too. In the bootcamp, I feel like we’re all on different levels in terms of our fitness but I can look at someone and say, “Wow, she’s really doing well. I want to work up to that,” and hopefully people can do that to me as well. We can all encourage each other.

Hut: We are happy about your results. We look forward to you getting married and continue bootcamp after you get back.

Shawyntee: Yes, absolutely. There’s no going back now. I’ll be continuing for sure after June 8th indefinitely.