A Fresh Look at Sugar

What is “too much sugar”?

There’s little doubt that many people have too much sugar in their diets. But while sugar is blamed as the cause of obesity, the real problem is excessive total calories. Sugar is a simple carbohydrate, which is an essential nutrient. But it must be balanced by protein, fat and fiber in the diet.

We can easily have too much sugar in a day by consuming sodas, energy drinks, and sweets. So when we look at a product, we should pay attention to the total balance of all nutrients—not just the sugar.

One way to determine if a product has a healthy balance of macronutrients is its Glycemic Index. This is a number determined from clinical testing of the product’s impact on blood sugar.

Products that are low glycemic have minimal effect on blood sugar and are save even for diabetics to use. (Diabetics should discuss changes in diet and supplementation with their physician.)

What are 3 cheers for sugar?shaklee_LifeShake_cafelatte

1. The sugar is part of the healthy balance.

The Shaklee Life Energizing Shake™ and Shaklee 180® products are formulated to deliver a healthy amount of carbohydrates (of which sugar is one type), as well as protein, fat and fiber to ensure they are satisfying and nourishing meal replacements effective for weight loss.

2. Shaklee products are low glycemic.

Because of the balance of carbohydrates, protein, fat and fiber, you can count on Shaklee Life shakes and 180 products to be low glycemic.

3. Shaklee products are naturally sweetened.

Keeping with their company philosophy, Shaklee uses only natural sweeteners. While other companies may make products with low-carbohydrate content, they typically do so by using artificial sweeteners.

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