7 Tips for Healthy Eating

Does the thought of eating healthy daunt you? Contrary to standard thinking, eating healthy can be easy and inexpensive.

Here are 7 tips to accomplish this goal:

  1. * With little exception, drinking water from the tap is a perfect choice. Even if you cannot consume your tap water, filters are relatively inexpensive. Bottled water is an option; however, it is expensive and produces a vast amount of landfill waste.

  2. * Skipping breakfast is perhaps one of the worst things you can do for your body. Eating a healthy breakfast starts your day off right, helps control your hunger and therefore the desire to binge on carb and sugar-laden food.

  3. * Processed foods are high in sodium and sugar. Both are bad for your health, but can be significantly reduced from your diet.

  4. * Just because you are reducing sodium from your diet does not mean you are doomed to bland flavorless foods for the rest of your life. Learn how to use spices to make your meals more palatable.

  5. * It is very easy to get into the habit of eating out for lunch at work. Whether is the local sub place or burger joint, no matter how “healthy” your purchases, they are not as healthy as packing your lunch and bringing it with you.

  6. * Snack on vegetables instead of chips, pretzels or candy. Choose vegetables high in fiber. Not only is fiber good for you but it will help you feel full, which reduces the likelihood of you binging on processed foods.

  7. * Out of sight, out of mind. We have all heard that axiom. However, it is very true when it comes to junk food. If you don’t see it, you are more likely to not eat it. How do you not see junk food? That’s very easy—just don’t buy it!

Healthy eating does not need to be drudgery or a chore. You can find exciting and nutrient-rich foods to replace those sugary, carb-ridden foods you used to eat.