3 Simple Anytime Work Outs For At Home Fitness Programs Dallas

At New Wave Fitness at home fitness programs in Dallas present an alternative to this cycle of guilt and lack of fitness. With a little commitment and creativity, staying fit is easy and completely free. Below are some suggestions for workouts you can carry out any time and anywhere.

1. Do Some Push ups

Push ups may be your worst nightmare, as many gym teachers and coaches still use them as punishment for bad behaviour. However, the push up is a classic exercise for a reason. It strengthens and tones arms, using your own body weight as a guide to prevent you from overdoing it. Perfect to get the guns you’ve always wanted!

2. Use Your Stairs

If you went to the gym, you would probably have a go on the stair machine. Stepping exercise strengthens legs, glutes and the core. We all tend to forget that we have the equipment for this exercise in our homes. So, for at home fitness programs in Dallas, use your stairs. Running up your staircase twenty or thirty times is a valuable, high intensity cardio workout.

3. Try the plank

This exercise looks quite easy, but it’s really not. Lie on the ground facing downwards and elevate your entire body, maintaining a straight line, by supporting yourself on your forearms and toes. This will burn, but is an excellent full body workout. It is particularly effective for building core strength, which is increasingly emphasised for at home fitness programmes Dallas.